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IndieWebCamp Organizers should send a message after an IndieWebCamp to participants that thanks them, summarizes the awesome things that happened, preferably with some group photos, includes information about upcoming events including the next few IndieWebCamps, and provides ways for folks to stay in touch.

This page is one such template that has been used for at least IndieWebCamp NYC 2019.

After Camp

Hi [given-name]!

Thank you for making [IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR] a success! From the enlightening talks and in-depth discussions on Saturday, to the successful launch of several new personal websites and other projects on Sunday, we are extremely pleased with how it went.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend, and ways to keep up and keep in touch about future IndieWeb events in [CITY] and beyond. We won't email you at this address again!


[A number of] attendees met up at [pre-party location] for food, beverages, and discussion of the Camp to come! Thanks to [Sponsor] for sponsoring this pre-event social!


[insert day 1 group photo]

We kicked things off at the [location] with [food/coffee] thanks to [sponor or Open Collective Donors]!

[Describe any opening talks and link to speaker and/or slides]

We then made a schedule of attendee-facilitated discussions, covering topics like [three or so topics], and many more!

You can find the full list of discussions, including session notes and video streams, at


[insert day 2 group photo]

Sunday was a day of making, with [number] of us convening at [day 2 location] to create and hack on our personal sites and projects. We kicked off by having each participant stick notes for their planned projects on the wall for accountability, then dove in!

After a [describe lunch, thank sponsor if any], we wrapped up our work and demoed what progress we had made.

[Describe notable projects like how many folks launched a new website]. You can find the full details on what was demoed at


Did you take photos? Write a blog post about the experience? Want to share? We encourage everyone to help us get the word out about [IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR]. Please hashtag your posts with #indiewebcamp!

We'll be collecting blog posts, short notes, photos, and more on the event page at:

As a bonus, if you publish by Friday [date after the Camp at 2pm Eastern time] you can even make the [weekly IndieWeb newsletter](! There are 4 ways to make it into the newsletter:

  • Syndicate your blog post to [IndieNews](
  • Post your link in IRC, Slack, or [chat](
  • Share a link on Twitter with the hashtag #IndieWebCamp. Our friendly bot Loqi will pick up the link, drop it into our chat channels, and a community member can add your post to the newsletter.
  • Ask a community member in chat and we will help you out!

Upcoming IndieWeb Events

Live near [CITY] and hungry for more IndieWeb? We encourage you to attend our semi-regular [IndieWeb Meetups or Homebrew Website Club in CITY].

Our next meetup is scheduled for [DATE. Link to event and/or city planning page].

And of course, [CITY] isn't the only place for the IndieWeb! You can find a list of upcoming IndieWebCamps and local meetups worldwide at

We have a few more IndieWebCamps in particular this year, so if you’re nearby one of these cities, check it out:

  • MONTH 01-02: [IndieWebCamp OTHERCITY] — complimentary sign-ups open!
  • MONTH 03-04: [IndieWebCamp ANOTHERCITY] — save the date!

Thanks Again!

[IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR] would not have been a success without attendees like you! Of course, we'd also like to thank our sponsors ([sponsors], and all our Open Collective donors) for making this event possible!

Thanks again, and see you around the independent web, [ORGANIZER NAMES WITH LINKS]

  • Reminder: this will be your last email from your sign-up for participation in [IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR].*

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