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Demos for IndieWebCamp West 2020.

Early Demos

Early demos covering EU Timezones around 10:00 on Sunday

Afternoon Demos

Afternoon demos covering the Americas and other Timezones around 16:30 on Sunday

  • Chat logs for demo time started around 16:30 PDT, but there were more notes taken contemporaneously in the etherpad. (Hat tip to Marty McGuire for a lot of these.)

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich helped a few folks wikify themselves and get started on the wiki
  • Added the ability to PESOS bookmarks from Medium to his website using RSS, IFTTT, and webhooks to his Micropub endpoint.

Marty McGuire

David Bryant

  • Added dark mode slider to his Eleventy based website

Kartik Prabhu

Worked on a micropub client that uses no authentication. Can write content and add categories and get HTML, marked up with microformats2, to copy and paste as a post into his site. Hopes to add more fields. Anyone can use it!


Wikified some discussions today. Contrasting today's "so-and-so requested access to your private posts" flow of e.g. Instagram with an older-style "you can invite others to look at your private posts". Examples of spam include requests to connect on LinkedIn and far more. Guest pass is a Flickr feature. Encodes into a link both what stuff they should see and some authentication bit that says they are allowed to see it. Gives them access to your stuff and browse around. Are there other systems that allow posting private/protected/friends-only content and let you create a URL to share it with people without accounts on that system?

Cathie LeBlanc

Update my daily photo work flow

Been participating in daily photo challenge. Ran out of storage on hosting site and decided to figure out how to use another storage space she is already paying for. Quick fix - use service called Juicer to get a feed of Instagram posts and embed that in her site. Was easy to get working. Longer term fix - photo site is a separate WordPress site. Installed splotbox theme on it and working to set it up. Will put photos in Dropbox and use splotbox workflow to post to her site.

Paulo Pinto

Newcomer to IndieWebCamp. Wikified himself with help of Chris Aldrich. Learning to do IndieWeb in a sustainable way, understanding the principles and understanding how it works. It's possible to go faster than your legs.

Sarah Hibner hibs

Kim Dowd

Created screen designs with figma.com. Adding navigation to blog without being overwhelming. Including custom styles for articles based on category, category landing pages, a front page / about page. To be built on NefelibataNefelibata open source blog engine.


("remote" demo via Chris Aldrich) Added Hypothes.is

- Demo (not required): t.me/chaitanyapage


  • Updated each repo as I worked on it to use a trunk instead of master branch
  • Fixed URL rewrites to allow pagination in onthisday and kind based date archives
  • Fixed URL rewrites to allow map views on any taxonomy or user
  • Backported various tweaks into IW26 upstream from TwentySixteen and _s
  • Added simple map view link to various archive pages inside theme
  • Updated Syndication Links for WordPress to support Reddit as an option, merged some PRs and refreshed the icon set

Also cleaned up Micropub-extensions page on the wiki with updates on now-stable extensions.

Jacky Alcine

Screen sharing? **Yes**

  • Fixed logic on Lighthouse to highlight what links on your pages will be the recipients of a Webmention sender

Aaron Parecki


Demos looking up music on Soundcloud, results are cached on his site. Can cache the music itself. Now owns his own listening and doesn't have to listen on soundcloud! Can also keep track of the fact of listening on his site. Eventually wants to be able to shortcut posting snippets that he likes (aka /jam posts).

Joseph Dickson

  • Screen Sharing: Yes
  • Webmention & h-cards in WordPress
  • First I mention someone's post on my website
  • Next, I publish and ping my post
  • Lastly, if everyhing works the other website should notice mention.
  • Used indiewebify.me to learn more about h-cards.

Rosemary Wallace

  • Sharing screen
  • New personal site at rosemarywallace.com. Collecting her GIS work and art. Used Wix for this version, but learning HTML and Git to make a new version.

Jordan Brady

  • Screen sharing? yep
  • Usually shows off "exciting CSS things" but this year worked on the technical side of the site. Used a fill-in-the-blanks hCard creator on the microformats wiki (linked from indieweb.org/h-card) and found the output parsed very different than the expected microformats2!
  • Chris Aldrich and others note that the hCard Creator looks like microformats1
  • Jordan ignored its output because it didn't look right :D
    • microformats organizers note that we should probably just unlink it rather than try to update the tool
    • stickers with contact info for conferences; made a sticker for indieweb (stickers not arrived yet, but has a digital mockup with a duck!)

Scott Gruber

  • Screen sharing? **Yes**
  • Added webmention.js and indieweb ring
  • Added inline SVG tiger animation to home page.
  • https://scottgruber.me/
  • Demos how to join the IndieWeb Webring!

Ki Rebelle

  • Wikified with the help of Chris Aldrich and others. Learned about webrings. Looking forward to applying webrings and other newly learned things from IndieWeb to other communities.

Tantek 2

Add Yourself

  • Screen sharing? let us know
  • URLs to show?
    • ... urls ...

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