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Lighthouse is a upcoming product run by Jacky Alciné that provides a hosted low-touch Webmention service.


Some information that'll be immediately visible:

  • send and receive counts over the last week
  • in-line previews of the last 5 mentions
  • moderation status


Endpoint Detection and Checking

Lighthouse provides a tool to determine if a site (namely a provided URL) has Webmention support (exposure of a Webmention endpoint on the page).

Send Previews

A diagnostic tool that'll show information about what links on a provided page will receive Webmentions if sent from Lighthouse. The goal is, in this order, to:

  • highlight which links were extracted
  • determine the confidence of this Webmention being received (against MF2, OpenGraph, JSON-LD, etc)

Automatic Sending

A few different methods for automatically sending Webmentions on behalf of your site.

  • hitting an authorized endpoint for sending Webmentions (following the specification on how to do that).
  • subscribing to multiple feeds on a site (using WebSub or falling back to polling every 5 to 15 minutes)

Relaying Webmentions

You can use Lighthouse to serve as a 'middleman' for your Webmentions; a place to capture them before they're sent to your server.

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