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Lighthouse is a Webmention, Microsub, and WebSub server built by Jacky Alciné to provide a means of handling engagement with other websites.

The source code for the project is available at It's written in Rust and meant to be distributed as a single binary with everything bundled within to make the act of deployment simple.

Planned Features


  • Customizable by users
    • User-defined views via Web Components
      • to power rendering of a feed
      • or that of an item in a feed
      • or a hovercard (or sub-components within)
    • Applicable user-specific stylesheets via CSS variables
  • Share UX
    • Provides a rendering of the linked content
    • webactions
  • Uses WebSub and Webmention retrival info to update replies to items as they're broadcasted





Lighthouse should take in a concept of “external hubs” and allow for users to have Lighthouse act as a meta-subscriber for the external hubs. By listening for the same URLs it sends requests for on external hubs, Lighthouse can pull in those updates and treat them as local ones. The hub that it was fetched from should be kept for reference.

Web Components

Argand is a collection of Web Components that can use the URL of a Webmention endpoint capable of fetching for a target to render into a social feed. That can allow for custom rendering on the site (facepile for likes and RSVP counters).

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