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Welcome to the planning page for IndieWeb Summit 2020.



Summit succeeds thanks to volunteers helping out with all sorts of things.

Volunteer roles

A few of the volunteer roles folks helped out with in 2019:

  • checking / signing people in
  • handling t-shirts
  • letting people in from downstairs and up the elevators (need Mozilla folks for this)
  • making (and playing) a music playlist for the mornings (from doors open to first talks)
  • taking (and posting) photos
  • facilitating pre-planned hackday sessions (IndieWeb 101, IndieWebifying your WordPress, IndieWeb Building Blocks)

Some roles we identified that we needed:

  • volunteer coordinator (or possibly an organizer role if we get enough)
  • intros queue handling (making sure people are ready for their turn to show their site, cued up on the demo laptop or ready with an adapter)
  • hack demos queue handling (same)

Some roles that could help:

  • day 1 lunch coordinators (could help to have a few volunteers to reach out to especially shy folks to see if they want to be included in a group of people for lunch)


We've started collecting key things here for Summit 2020, starting with a simple list (unordered, unprioritized)

Recommend reviewing 2019/Organizers#Summit_Planning_Improvements

  • Tantek Çelik check into alternatives for letting people into the building and up the elevators (in 2019 we had to have Mozilla employees do this due to rules about building badges)
    • option: pay for a weekend building security guard to do this
    • option: can we get the 3rd floor elevator unlocked from 8:45am-10:15am?

  • Higher participation ceiling? 60? 75? 100?
    • We had 51/60 participants in 2019 and it felt like we could have accommodated at least a few more. With planning (room capacity etc.) we may be able to accommodate much more, perhaps up to 100.
    • What are the factors we need to account for, to handle more people?
      • main room seating (possibly use combined BC rooms as overflow seating for ~15-20 more)
      • bathroom supplies (more toilet paper stocking)
      • food ordering and queues
      • session planning (more people will likely mean more proposals)
      • demo queue handling for minimum downtime
      • demo max time to allow for more people (maybe 60s? 90s hard cut-off?)
      • room temperature and circulation, 2019 was just about ok (barely not too warm). with many more people we may need fans and or HVAC set to a lower baseline
      • pre-party: start earlier (17:00) and start saving tables (organizers + volunteers) at 16:30?
      • after party? Karaoke - book 2 rooms?

  • Camera/remote participation for main room (Red)
    • The recordings of the 2019 sessions in the Red room didn't turn out great
    • Two of the sessions were more interactive/group activities, so there isn't really a good way to record those, which is fine
    • The other sessions should have been better recorded, primarily the issue was the camera angle.
    • The camera should be at the back of the room pointing towards the person at the podium with the main seating area visible, but Mozilla's cameras don't point that way, you can either get a closeup of the presenter, or a front-view of the audience.
    • We should consider running a separate camera for this room in a better location.
    • I think also the size of the room lent itself more to people having lots of side conversations during sessions which also makes bad recordings.

  • ...

We'll restructure and add sections as needed.

See Also

  • 2020
  • Downstairs door entry duty needs to ask for names and confirm RSVP. Since the following illegal behavior happened in Portland, it’s a threat model that requires consideration: https://twitter.com/_sjpeace_/status/1150775092848336896
    • "ICE officers showing up in plain clothes, not identifying themselves or displaying badges, entering warrantless and get aggressive with those they target

      This is what authoritarianism looks like


      RETWEET" @_SJPeace_ July 15, 2019

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWeb Summit 2020, originally found here.

Planning dates and venue for IndieWebSummit 2020 in Portland!

10th IndieWebSummit!

Venue confirmed:

  • Mozilla PDX (booked for 2020-06-27…28, and small room for 2020-06-26 Friday Organizers Summit)
  • ...

Dates (2020 June), considered (Th)FSa and (F)SaSu variants, (parens) for Organizers / pre-party / social

Adjacent events (avoid conflicts)

  • 2020-06-08…12 Identiverse.com in Denver, Colorado
  • 2020-06-15…20 Mozilla All Hands in Toronto
  • 2020-06-27…28 The current dates for IWS 2020 conflict with Pride in Seattle, and San Francisco
  • ...