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Long-form syndication (or Beyond Microblogs) was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/BeyondMicroblogs

IndieWeb Summit 2019
Session: Long-form syndication (BeyondMicroblogs)
When: When: 2019-06-20 14:20




Please think about more than just news and microblogs: webcomics and serial stories have other UX constraints

What is "long-form"?

Something that has a story arc beyond individual episodes/posts, so the context of past posts matter to understanding current posts

Does "Stories" (Instagram, Facebook) count? it doesn't matter if it was posted over two hours or two decades, it still requires full historical context to consume


  • Readers are not designed for long form content *UI/UX Problem*
  • Feeds don't publish a format for long form content *Syndication problem*

RSS Readers are not designed for anything but microblog/news type publications

  • header and sidebar takes up a lot of the space
  • content read area is really small
  • chronological vs reverse-chronological

RFC 5005 Backfilling history of feeds

  • Section 2: Complete Feeds
  • Complete history rss provided.
  • Section 3: Paged
  • Section 4: Archived
  • Fat Feeds includes HTML
  • Skinny Feeds are link only

Current Silo Syndication for Comics

  • Tapas
  • Webtoon

Following vs Subscribing

DEMO of Jamey's Prototype

  • http://reader.minilop.net/
  • Sidebar to travel backwards in the feed that is hidden when consuming
  • Content is front and center. Slim header.
  • Netflix-like consuption experience

Episodic vs Serial Content

Current Silo Syndication for Comics

  • Tapas
  • Webtoon

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