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Known Open Collective Meeting

Known Open Collective was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2019.

Watch: ▶️47:41s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/Known_Collective

Session: Known Open Collective at IndieWeb Summit 2019
When: 2019-06-30 09:00


Add your name, your Domain and what you are most excited to do with Known


  • Intros
  • Overview of the Open Collective
  • Set the Agenda


  • Marcus Povey has been “keeping the lights on” and moving closer and closer to 1.0, which he thinks we’re almost there.
  • After discussing with Ben, Marcus would like to see a “slicker” experience building on top of the IndieWeb experience.
  • Platform-agnostic way to link to and share with friends.
  • Jonathan LaCour it will be valuable to share what they are working on next
    • IndieAuth implementation has odd couple hiccups, and the storing of tokens
      • blindly decides to issue new tokens when you reatuth with same tool, save the token and new
      • Amen to that
  • Greg McVerry Full page builder for homepage, update to CSS Grid from CSS (willing to start)
    • photo post needs an alt text
    • Private family network
    • See private posts
    • micropub endpoint
      • can my kids be members of each other site and then share webmentions privately back and forth
  • Jeremy Cherfas Easier access to templating machines
    • even thinking a universal theme editor for just fonts and colors
  • Talk about Known as a Service.
  • Moving from Bootstrap 3 to something more modern.
  • Splitting templating from the engine (a suggestion from Marcus Povey) to enable things like React frontend on top of Known as a backend.
  • Plugin Triage and testing
    • I can test plugins and mark those that are no longer supported
      • Question: Do we just remove those whose GitHub haven't been updated in ages
  • Jeremy Cherfas the backend is too complex
    • Getting a working Known is too complex
    • Jonathan LaCour suggested working with web hosts to provide 1-click installs and potentially creating something for the AWS Marketplace or Digital Ocean One-Clicks as a community to make it easier.
    • Jeremy Cherfas pointed out his positive experience for “getting started” with Grav that enabled him to get started really quickly.
    • Marcus Povey has been making positive progress on this front with leveraging Composer. It would be possible to leverage this work and the CLI for Known to smooth installation.
    • Jeremy Cherfas wanted guidance on the documentation and how to contribute there. Currently, the ReadTheDocs documentation is the right approach, and the appropriate place to contribute
  • Paul’s priorities
    • Long-term goal is to have Known be his central repository of all of his “stuff.”
    • Migrating his TypePad and LiveJournal content, Google Plus exports, etc.
    • Discussed leveraging Micropub for migrations to benefit the larger IndieWeb ecosystem
    • As a user, Paul would love better posting tools – being able to do scheduled posting, changing the publish date, etc,
    • Paul is also working on updates for dependencies and a docker-compose update as well, which includes the ability to pull in plugins.
    • Could potentially leverage the docker work to provide automated integration testing for plugins. We have a CI pipeline, but its underutilized.
  • At 1.0, we should potentially require plugins to be Composer based.

Davidmead asked in chat about importing to Known

  • Marcus acknowledged that it is a difficult problem.
  • There are documented successful cases in the docs, but that is for mysql to mysql.
  • General feeling seems to be that going via Micropub would be a better solution.

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