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Marcus Povey

UK based technology professional. Formerly development lead on elgg, now hacks on many projects and is an occasional contributor to Known.

Very interested in democracy, open government and human rights, which post Snowden meshes very nicely with the goals of indieweb.

Uses: Wordpress, Known and various other things.

See also:, github


In no particular order:

  • Privacy, security and anonymity: Everyone having their own domain helps with target dispersal, encryption limits mass surveillance opportunities. However I'd like to explore ways of making encrypted communication between indieweb domains easy enough for regular folk to use, and perhaps more importantly, do so in a way that it's not possible for someone watching the exchange to extract the social graph.
  • Replicate and enhance the social network aspects of silos, but in a cross platform way (already have cross platform friend/follow working between Known elgg and wordpress - some details here).
  • Self host all the things: already hosting site, life stream, file syncing via ownCloud, extracted my flickr photos using my Known Flick importer. Would really like to get things like Github code onto my own site, but in a way that maintains social interaction and tools (ability for others to feed back comments, reports and to fork, etc)... part of the way there as I can already create and comment on issues from my own site.