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Here are some tips to have a successful IndieWeb Summit remotely!

  • Download the Zoom app ahead of time
  • Join the zoom room for the session you're interested in, linked from the schedule page.
  • Your microphone will be muted when you join. Feel free to unmute yourself if you want to speak, but please stay muted if you aren't speaking.
  • Please use headphones to avoid causing feedback.
  • If you can, use a dedicated microphone or one part of a headset. Apple earbuds and AirPods are great, as is any gaming headset.
  • It'd be great to see you on video, so feel free to leave your camera on the whole session. Just keep in mind that the sessions are being recorded.
  • Contribute to the session notes in the session's etherpad. You can find the links from the schedule pages.
  • If you need to contact an organizer, ask in the #indieweb-meta channel
  • Remember that like every attendee, you are also expected to follow the code of conduct

Keynotes and Intros

The keynote and introductions will be broadcast on Zoom but you won't be able to speak to the room until the breakout sessions.

view the keynotes and intros


During the lunch break in Portland, you're welcome to continue chatting with everyone online using our normal chat channels.

Afternoon Sessions


During all the breakout sessions you'll be able to unmute yourself and speak to the room.

There are two rooms in Portland (Green and Blue) that will not have remote participation options and will not be recorded. This is to allow for conversations that may be sensitive, we apologize that remote participants will not be able to join those sessions.