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Join the #indieweb discussions via the web, IRC, Matrix or Slack, now with additional channels for dev, wordpress, and meta specific chat!

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Chat Channels

Discussions about the IndieWeb take place primarily in our chat channels:

welcome to the indieweb! how to get on the indieweb, get started, how to post, what to post, indieweb events to join the community in-person, why indieweb, what software / services are ready for users to use without dealing with coding or command lines.
Keep it user-centric please! Find someone using jargon, code, or dev talk? Politely invite them to ask / discuss in the dev channel (see below).
#indieweb-dev (#dev in Slack)
creating anything besides content. E.g. creating design, UX, implementation details, protocols (like HTTP, Webmention, Micropub, IndieAuth), formats (like HTML, CSS, microformats2, h-entry, h-card, h-event), frameworks, coding languages (like JS, PHP, Python, Ruby), server configuration (Apache, nginx, HTTPS), and other plumbing.
#indieweb-chat (#chat in Slack)
off-topic channel for discussing anything, and is not publicly logged. Slack has some number of lines of scrollback.
#indieweb-wordpress (#wordpress in Slack)
for WordPress-specific topics (IndieWeb WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, ...)
#indieweb-meta (#meta in Slack)
community organizing: planning events, wiki gardening, wikifying, discussion about the community / channels / wiki0

Related channels often used by the community:

#microformats (#microformats in Slack)
for asking about microformats in general, or the process of developing a new one or new features by researching, documenting examples, brainstorming, etc.
#knownchat (#known in Slack)
Similar to the wordpress channel, the Known channel is for Known-specific topics (plugins, evolution, troubleshooting etc.)
#bridgy (#bridgy in Slack)
for discussions specific to the Bridgy service itself and open source project

Slack users: to join additional channels from the desktop, click the **Channels** heading in sidebar to view the other channels. Click a channel, i.e. # dev, it will show you a preview of that channel with a Join Channel button.


The chat rooms (except for #indieweb-chat) can be searched at

Using an IRC client

  1. If you're already an IRC user, setup your client with:
    • Server: irc.freenode.net
    • Port: 6697 (usually default)
  2. Join the channels above (by clicking on the chat links)


There is no mailing list! 🎉

This is a deliberate decision. We encourage focusing on short discussions in chat and capturing incremental agreements/disagreements on the wiki. This also discourages long essays and repetition of arguments that can take place on email threads.

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