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Join the #indieweb discussions via the web, IRC, Matrix or Slack!


Today's Discussions

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Discussions about the IndieWeb take place primarily in our chat channels:

  • #indieweb - general indieweb discussions, a good place to start, and start with user-centric topics!
  • #indieweb-dev - discussions of more implementation details, protocols, formats, frameworks, coding languages, server configuration, and other plumbing. (#dev in Slack)
  • #indieweb-chat - off-topic channel for discussing anything, and is not publicly logged. (#chat in Slack)

Join the discussions!

The chat rooms (except for #indieweb-chat) can be searched at https://indiechat.search.cweiske.de/

Using an IRC client

If you're already an IRC user, setup your client with:


There is no mailing list! ūüéČ

This is to deliberately discourage both repetition of arguments (because people forget or don't read long email threads) and long essays, and instead encourage focus on short discussions in chat, and capturing incremental agreements (or even choosing to disagree) on the wiki as a way of capturing current state.

For more see:

See also:

Under Consideration

Channels under consideration:

  • #indieweb-wordpress (use #indieweb-dev for now, if WordPress specific dev chat overwhelms all others, we can start a separate channel)
  • #indieweb-meta (use #indieweb-dev for now, if "meta" discussions (e.g. more about community infrastructure than personal sites) overwhelm actual productive/actionable indieweb discussions, we can start a separate channel)

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