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Join the #indieweb discussions via the web, IRC, Matrix, or Slack, now with additional channels for dev, wordpress, and meta specific chat!

Read Discussions

Discussions about the IndieWeb take place primarily in our chat channels:

Read recent IndieWeb discussions:



Notice: There is currently a widespread spam attack on the Freenode IRC network, so we have taken some additional anti-spam measures to keep our chat clear.

Joining from the Slack or web gateways should work like normal. From IRC, only people marked as +v (indicated by a red dot or some other visual indicator in your IRC client) can speak in the channel. Loqi should manage this automatically, but if you think your messages aren't coming through, feel free to send a message to Aaron Parecki on IRC or elsewhere

Join Discussions

Join the discussions! The IndieWeb chat is bridged equivalently across four different chat services so that users can choose the modality that works best for their needs.

To have your avatar show up on some of the platforms you'll need to add yourself to the list of chat-names (even if you're not using IRC). Due to some restrictions, avatars may not necessarily bridge across all platforms.

Chat Channels

Each of our chat channels has a specific purpose documented below. If you’re not sure which channel to use, ask in #indieweb-meta!

Welcome to the indieweb! how to get on the indieweb, get started, how to post, what to post, indieweb events to join the community in-person, why indieweb, what software / services are ready for users to use without dealing with coding or command lines.
Keep it user-centric please! Find someone using jargon, code, or dev talk? Politely invite them to ask / discuss in the dev channel (see below).
#indieweb-dev (#dev in Slack)
Creating anything besides content, discussing any kind of jargon. E.g. creating design, UX, implementation details, protocols (like HTTP, Webmention, Micropub, IndieAuth), formats (like HTML, CSS, microformats2, h-entry, h-card, h-event), frameworks, coding languages (like JS, PHP, Python, Ruby), server configuration (Apache, nginx, HTTPS), and other plumbing.
#indieweb-wordpress (#wordpress in Slack)
WordPress-specific topics (Getting Started with WordPress, IndieWeb WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, general WordPress development)
#indieweb-meta (#meta in Slack)
Anything about the indieweb community or shared resources, and community organizing like events: planning events, wiki gardening, wikifying, discussion about the community / channels / wiki.
#indieweb-chat (#chat in Slack)
Off-topic channel for discussing anything, and is not publicly logged. Slack has some number of lines of scrollback.

Related channels often used by the community:

#microformats (#microformats in Slack)
Ask about microformats in general, or the process of developing a new one or new features by researching, documenting examples, brainstorming, etc.
#knownchat (#known in Slack)
Similar to the wordpress channel, the Known channel is for Known-specific topics (plugins, evolution, troubleshooting etc.)
#bridgy (#bridgy in Slack)
No longer active. Was Bridgy discussion and user support. Use #indieweb-dev instead!

Slack users: to join additional channels from the desktop, click the **Channels** heading in sidebar to view the other channels. Click a channel, i.e. # dev, it will show you a preview of that channel with a Join Channel button.


The chat rooms (except for #indieweb-chat) can be searched at

Differences between chat services

Each of these four options is roughly equivalent from a text perspective, though each may have features, configurations, or other niceties that differentiate them somewhat from each other.

Some platforms, like Slack, will unfurl URLs or provide a link-preview into the chat while others will allow wiki page names pre-pended with a slash to autolink to the exact wiki webpage (eg: "/principles" in some chat platforms will link to the principles wiki page. Slack emoji responses aren't bridged to other platforms, so giving a heart or thumbs up to someone's post won't be seen unless they're also on Slack. Depending on your chat client, users from Matrix may show up with a [m] on their usernames or users from Slack appear with their username in brackets. Some usernames may have the word "app" after them to indicate their content is originating from another platform.

Using an IRC client

  1. If you're already an IRC user, setup your client with:
    • Server: irc.freenode.net
    • Port: 6697 (usually default)
  2. Join the channels above (by clicking on the chat links)


There is no mailing list! 🎉

This is a deliberate decision. We encourage focusing on short discussions in chat and capturing incremental agreements/disagreements on the wiki. This also discourages long essays and repetition of arguments that can take place on email threads.

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