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Welcome to the planning page for future IndieWebCamps!

The IndieWebCamp community is planning numerous upcoming events, including future IndieWebCamps, regular Homebrew Website Club meetups, talks, and other proposals — if you'd like to help, please contribute to this page.

See each individual IndieWebCamp's home page (typically /Year/City ) for planning specific to that camp.

Want to learn what it takes to plan and organize an IndieWebCamp? See:


Tickets are open! Go register!

Upcoming IndieWebCamps

Save Dates

The following IndieWebCamps have a confirmed date and venue, start planning travel!

  • ...

One Preferred Or Workable Date

The following IndieWebCamp(s) being planned have only one preferred or workable date, as proposed. Save the dates in your calendar. We cannot confirm these dates at this time though, so wait on booking any travel!

  • ...


The following IndieWebCamps are currently being planned and need help figuring out a date - help co-organize!

Clustered first by co-organizers that are regularly active in the community (e.g. in IRC), and then ordered roughly by known date if any, then expected/likely dates (in order to see what else there may be planned nearby or elsewhere)


Let's plan 2021 IndieWebCamps!

For now let’s continue planning online IndieWebCamps, perhaps focused on particular timezones.

Hopefully some areas can organize local in-person IndieWebCamps in 2021 as folks are vaccinated, regional cases are eliminated, by area / city. Keeping that in mind:

If you live in one of the cities / states / countries below and are interested, add your name!

If you know of a suitable venue for hosting, add that as a possibility.

If you have a particular month of the year to recommend, add that!

Please offer your opinion/preference with a nested list item and +1/0/-1 signed!

General planning date notes:

  • December is tough due to holidays and lots of other events. Exception: a one day IWC e.g. 2015/SF.
  • November first half is the likely last chance to plan an IWC for the year.

Sorted roughly by how "real" a particular potential IWC is looking for a city based on a few fuzzy criteria:

  • likely/confirmed co-organizers (2+ required, at least one that is active in IRC/Slack, preferably at least 1 experienced successful organizer, preferably 3-4 total)
  • likely/confirmed venue
  • likely/confirmed dates

Nearby 2021 Events

To keep in mind while planning

  • 2021-01-01 New Year's Day
  • 2021-02-14 Valentine's Day (Sunday)
  • 2021-04-04 Easter
  • 2021-05-31 Memorial Day
  • 2021-07-04 Fourth of July (US)
  • 2021-09-06 Labor Day
  • 202109-06...08 Rosh Hashanah
  • 2021-09-15...16 Yom Kippur
  • 2021-09-20...27 Sukkot
  • 2021-10-31 (Sunday) Halloween
  • 2021-11-25 Thanksgiving in USA
  • 2021-11-26 Black Friday in USA
  • 2021 An Event Apart events
  • 2021-12-24 Christmas Eve
  • 2021-12-25 Christmas Day
  • 2021-12-31 New Years Eve
  • ... insert others in date order


Main article: 2021/Pop-ups

IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2021 are stand alone single topic sessions started in 2020, partly in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that has interrupted our long history of regularly occurring in-person camps in various cities.

While not designed to be the traditional two day camps of sessions and creating, they are meant to foster ongoing discussion and development of topics of interest to the IndieWeb community.

If you're interested in hosting one, feel free to go to Session Proposals/Brainstorming page and begin to flesh out your event, or ask for help in the IndieWeb chat.


Planning for a Europe timezone IndieWebCamp EU in (maybe) early 2021.

Venue: Online

Who is interested in helping co-organize and or facilitate?

Who is interested in helping (wiki, getting the word out etc.)

Interested in attending/participating:

Possible dates:


IndieWebCamp West (Online)

Venue: Online

Who is interested in helping co-organize and or facilitate?

Who is interested in helping (wiki, getting the word out etc.)

Possible dates:


IndieWebCamp East (Online)

Venue: Online

Who is interested in helping co-organize and or facilitate?

Who is interested in helping (wiki, getting the word out etc.)

Possible dates:


Planning dates and venue for IndieWebSummit 2021 in Portland!

11th IndieWebSummit! Venue possibilities

  • Mozilla PDX

Dates — dependent on city re-opening and travel restriction lifting! Opinions:

  • Tantek Çelik — I’m up flexible scheduling (delaying a few months, like possibly as late as October if that means we can do it in-person)
  • David Shanske - Concur with Tantek Çelik that postponing to later is superior to losing another in-person event. It would be good if the Summit is the kick-off event to resume in-person get togethers.
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

Previous (2019 era) discussed dates (2021 June), (F)SaSu, (parens) for Organizers / pre-party / social

  • 2021-06-19…20 Saturday & Sunday
  • 2021-06-26…27 Saturday & Sunday

Adjacent events (avoid conflicts)

  • 2021-06-07…12 Mozilla All Hands in Vancouver Cited page says this is now cancelled.
  • 2021-06-21…23 (Denver, check their event page
  • 2021-06-26…27 Pride weekend in several cities "last weekend of June to cap off the month and to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots" per fluffy. Likely Seattle and San Francisco (extrapolating from past years)
  • ...


  • placeholder for IWC Düsseldorf 2021!


  • ...

Need to contact:

  • Marc Thiele — does he think an adjacent IWC is a good idea, can he help with venue?
  • Joschi — does he think an adjacent IWC is a good idea, can he help with venue?

See Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2021 and for updates

  • 2021-11-03…05 dates appear to be confirmed for BT DUS, no speaker program yet.

Possible Dates:

  • 2021-11-06…07 Saturday & Sunday after Beyond Tellerrand


IndieWebCamp Nuremberg

Venue: likely same as before

Who is interested in helping co-organize?

Interested in participating:

  • Tantek Çelik - happy to also volunteer to help out organizers
  • Rosemary Orchard - also happy to volunteer (especially remote participation)
  • Martijn van der Ven - planning to visit Germany this summer, if the dates align, count me in; also volunteering for any odd jobs either when attending, or otherwise online.
  • Jeremy Cherfas If at all possible, I would like to be there
  • ...

Dates (maybe during Nürnberg Digital Festival if that happens? was/canceled July 10th-20th in 2020)

Los Angeles

IndieWebCamp LA!


  • Chris Aldrich is looking into UCLA
  • Yahoo! has previously expressed interest in hosting on their campus in West LA/Culver City
  • DreamHost may be interested in hosting. Ask Jonathan LaCour.

Who is interested in helping co-organize?

Interested in participating:

Possible dates: Currently looking for a location and new dates for 2021

Nearby events:

  •  ???

Previously: 2016/LA


  • placeholder for IWC Berlin 2021!


  • ...

Possible Dates:

  • 2021-??-??…?? Saturday & Sunday before Beyond Tellerrand
    • ...
  • 2021-??-??…?? Saturday & Sunday after Beyond Tellerrand
    • ...

2020 info in case it helps with planning:


  • placeholder for IWC Munich 2021!


  • ...

Interested in participating:

Possible Dates:

  • 2021-??-??…?? Saturday & Sunday before Beyond Tellerrand
    • ...
  • 2021-??-??…?? Saturday & Sunday after Beyond Tellerrand
    • ...

2020 info in case it helps with planning:


  • placeholder for IWC Utrecht 2021!

previously 2019/Utrecht

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating:


  • placeholder for IWC Amsterdam 2021!

previously 2019/Amsterdam


This is a placeholder for IWC Brighton 2021 planning or brainstorming:

Venue: 68 Middle st. is a good start

Can help co-organize:

Possible/preferred months: October?

Possible dates:

Nearby events: (or adjacent in time for planning purposes)

  • 2021-?? possibly MozFest?
  • ...

Interested in participating!

Previously: 2019/Brighton

San Francisco

IndieWebCamp SF

This is a placeholder for IWC SF 2020 planning or brainstorming:

Venue: likely same as before

Who is interested in helping co-organize?

Interested in participating:

  • ...

Possible Dates

  • 2021-??-??…?? (Saturday Sunday)
    • ...

Possible Adjacent events to consider:

  • Apple WWDC
  • AEA SF

New Locations

Sorted roughly by number and availability of co-organizers, then dates.


Possible Denver venues (aside: avoid Boulder apparently)

  • offices — need to confirm with folks from 2019, maybe 2021
  • @thinkstudio at UC Denver ( Greg McVerry has a willing contact)
  • ...


  • maybe Tantek Çelik (especially if I can draft Aaron Parecki to help co-organize)
  • need to confirm folks from 2019 can be local co-organizers


Interested in co-organizing

Interested in Attending

Possible Dates (Saturday & Sunday)

Adjacent events/conflicts:

  • ...

San Diego

The First Ever IndieWebCamp San Diego!

Venue: ???

Organized by:

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible dates:

  • ...

Other events:

  • ...


Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating:

Maybe align with a different event? Malmöfestivalen / The Conference / Øredev?

Needs interested participants and possible dates! Would also be helpful with some additional core contributors attending, to ensure enough content at event.

Would be great to set a date 4-6 months in advance, to ensure time to plan a proper event.



Organized by: ???

Interested in participating:

Manchester UK

IndieWebCamp Manchester

Venue: The Shed? (Part of MMU) Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Other New Locations

More new possibilities:

Reactivate Past Locations

Cambridge MA


  • anyone have a connection to Microsoft NERD research campus?
  • other options?
  • let's try to avoid re-using MIT, plus W3C has moved out of MIT so we no longer have that connection

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible/preferred months: ???

Possible dates?

Previously: 2016/MIT


IndieWebCamp Edinburgh

Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Previously: 2015/Edinburgh


IndieWebCamp London, UK

Date: 14th &15th March 2020

Venue: Microsoft Reactor


Catering sponsored by TerminusDB

  • Pastries and fruits in the morning; and vegetarian lunch (with some dishes vegan-friendly) on the 2nd day

Keynote: Something about JSON-LD and micro formatting (TBC)

Social evening (14th) ideas (pay your own):

Tasks/ things to figure out:

  • AV system at the venue for remote participants - onsite Live screaming and recording provided
  • Ticketing system (most probably using Eventbrite), types of tickets - free tickets on sale now (done)
  • Stickers, pronoun batches, stickies and stationaries - do we get them from IndieWeb org? (done)
  • Stationary for the day: markers, labels, additional informative stickers;
  • List of lunch recommendations for first day;
  • Find a place for the social bit in the evening (ideally a place that does food too);

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Previously: ???

Proposed 2021 Events

Potential Cities

The following are twinkles in co-organizer's eyes - help find a venue and/or narrow to a date range!

  • Seattle - would be great to host something like this in 2019, maybe co-sponsor with co-working space/venue
  • ...

Other possible cities - no specific plans or dates - just expressions of interest (which is fine too!). Feel free to add your city and sign it, indicating how you can help make it happen.

Help Out

Want to help out with one of those? Say something in IRC and add yourself to the page.

David Shanske is willing to help out with an Indiewebcamp, providing support and planning to the extent possible. This would include some volunteering. Depends on what is needed and when and is willing to try to work with anyone who needs help in the Northeastern United States, and possibly farther afield if sufficient notice.


Want to organize a 2019 IndieWebCamp in your town and don't see it above?

Start with:

  1. Find at least one committed co-organizer. This is the most important step.
  2. Add a link above to [[2019/YourCity]]
  3. Click it and create the new page, and continue with the steps listed in:

Homebrew Website Club

Having trouble finding a co-organizer for your city or unsure how to organize an IndieWebCamp by yourself?

Start a Homebrew Website Club chapter in your city to gather interested individuals and gauge interest in a full weekend IndieWebCamp!


Creator camp not a hackathon

Q: Is IndieWebCamp a hackathon?

A: IndieWebCamps are creator camps focused on helping everyone develop, grow, and advance their personal indieweb presence.

The term "hackathon" has become to mean some sort of short term event where a group of people come up with a typically new project to develop just for the sake of the hackathon, often in a competitive environment, and often for prizes donated by one or more sponsors.

IndieWebCamp resembles that only in the aspect of group collaboration.

  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on and improve your existing personal site, not just a new site (unless you need a new site!)
  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on your personal site in a way that encourages longevity and your personal use beyond the camp itself.
  • IndieWebCamp focuses on collaboration instead of competition. There are all sorts of different experts at IndieWebCamp and we do our best to both ask questions of each other and help each other!
  • The prize(s) you win at IndieWebCamp are your own improved personal website, hopefully with new features you can then use day-to-day after the camp has completed!

As we do "hack" on stuff (our own websites), IndieWebCamps do have a "hack day" component of it, but certainly not "hackathon" in the commonly understood "corporate hackathon" sense.

Past Planning Notes

Past planning notes can be found on each event's planning page, e.g.

To archive planning notes from this page:

  1. Add the event to IndieWebCamps if it isn't there already
  2. Add the event sub-page "Planning" if it doesn't exist yet, e.g. 2017/Planning
  3. Add a section == Initial Planning == to the event's Planning page
  4. Add a note in the new section "This is an archive of the initial planning for [event name], originally found here."
  5. Link the text "originally found here" to the latest, specific revision of this page where the notes last appeared.
  6. Copy/paste the latest planning notes from this page
  7. Remove the now-archived planning notes from this page.

North America East (Online)

IndieWebCamp East 2020 has been set for November 14-15 and planning details for IndieWebCamp East have been moved to 2020/East/Planning.

Past Camp Schedules

2021 Respectful Responses (P)Very Sensitive Data (P)Planning for 2021 Popups • and hopefully later in the year: IndieWebCamp Planning
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2018 BaltimoreDüsseldorf8th IndieWeb Summit (Portland)SFOxfordNYCNürnbergBerlin
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2013 Portland (3rd Summit)UK (Brighton)Hollywood
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2011 Portland (Summit)

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