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Howdy. I am Jason McIntosh, an independent writer and software toolsmith who lives in New York.

On IRC and elsewhere, I go by jmac. You may call me whatever you like.

My personal domain is, and I also keep a separate, general-interest blog at

I am especially interested in IndieWeb's potential for revitalizing the concept of the personal blog. My favorite IndieWeb technology is Webmention, whose potential I've pondered and played with since my introduction to the community in 2018.

IndieWeb tech I've made

My writing and my itches

Since 2014, Fogknife has run on Plerd, a static-site generator of my own design (as well as a free and open-source project). I had again and again sought ways to integrate comments or other feedback mechanisms into Fogknife, and hadn't found any that impressed me -- until early 2018, when another blog I regularly read started using IndieWeb magic to make comments and replies from across the internet, including silos like Twitter and Facebook. It seemed impossible, but there it was.

I want some of this for myself. If, after all my experimentation and hackery, it ends up seeming worthwhile, then I'll also want to help make this easier for other self-publishing writers to accomplish.

But, first things first.

Jason McIntosh


  • Release version 2.0 of Plerd, including complete Webmention support.
    • Add a webmention moderation tool of some sort to Plerd.
    • Meaningfully document why anyone should care about this stuff.
    • I actually snuck in Webmention support as of version 1.6 (August 2018), but it still needs the above.
  • Add Micropub support to Plerd.
  • Retire Twitter as the base of my online presence, focusing more on posting to my own website(s) and syndicating as appropriate.

Scratched itches

  • Finish fixing up my personal websites with h-card and h-entry stuff and so on. (Finished late April, 2018; see Fogknife)
  • Share any microformats2 or Webmention-specific libraries I create with the CPAN, for other Perl hackers to use. (Accomplished (which is not to say "finished") April 2018; see Web::Microformats2 and Web::Mention)
  • Updated Plerd to automatically and protocol-correctly send meaningful webmentions when publishing new or updated posts. (Accomplished May 2018, in a public experimental branch.)
  • Updated Plerd to receive and meaningfully render webmentions. (Accomplished May 2018, in a public experimental branch.)