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Hi, I'm Harry Reeder. Also known as tbrb on IRC.


I'm a student who's had a couple of years work with IBM, where I've been exposed to the Linked Data world, which has sparked my own interest in such topics. Just about to start an honours project and looking where to tie it into my previous experiences and interests.

I'm also a massive fan of Python, and where possible have all of my websites written in it. I've managed to get away so far without having PHP installed on my webserver. I also prefer wherever possible to host things myself and to be reliable for as much as my own stack as possible, though this tends to make my development take a while longer.


  • Accept webmentions on my own website, rather than using
  • Send webmentions.
  • Post photos
  • Scrobble music
    • For this I'm going to need to look at what I can do to push track listens to my website.
  • Generally I also want to post more too. I might look at logging stuff from my honours project to my own site throughout the next year.


Alongside my own website, I also work on publ as I wanted a small micropub client with which I could post updates to my site from a command line. It's a work in progress, but I add to it as needed.