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Welcome to the planning page for IndieWeb Summit 2018.

We will be running IndieWeb Summit during the week of Open Source Bridge this year.

OSBridge is changing their format for their 10th year, and instead of a full week of talks, they are hosting only one day of unconference sessions on Friday.


  • IndieWeb Summit: June 26-27th
  • OSBridge Unconference: June 29th
  • (Leaders Summit June 25th, see Leaders if you want to participate!)


  • Venue: Eliot Center
    • We will have the large room on the first floor the whole two days, as well as 2 classrooms on the first floor.
    • The large space can be subdivided with a wall to turn it into two spaces for sessions.
    • Awaiting confirmation on rooms

Venue ideas?

On-site Considerations

  • food - vegetarian default
    • we can order food in for day 2 if we want
  • on-site childcare (was asked about the week before 2016, so we should look into options, costs, possible sponsorship thereof etc.) note: we did not put this together in time for 2017 so will have to try again for 2018.
    • Can or is Open Source Bridge / Eliot Center providing on-site childcare?
  • coffee is provided by eliot center at the cost of $1/person/refill

Tickets and Registration


Know someone who should be at IndieWeb Summit? Add them here and hopefully someone else in the community will know them personally and can reach out!

Though anyone can sign themselves up, an explicit personal invitation often motivates people to attend and participate in IndieWebCamps.

If you're not sure about someone, feel free to ask in informaly IndieWeb chat.

Add as much as you can of: full name (given family), website URL, Twitter, reasons why (e.g. indieweb related blog posts, projects, adjacent communities etc.)

To Be Invited

Have Invited

If you know someone above personally, reach out to them, preferably openly (e.g. with a blog post, tweet, logged IRC), and document when / with permalink your invitation!

Cannot Make It


moved to 2018#Organizers


Estimated expenses for IndieWeb Summit

Est. Amt. What/Where Sponsor Notes
Leaders' Summit
$100 Breakfast Mozilla
$300 Bars at Pine St Market need sponsors (might have enough left from the GoDaddy and Okta contributions) estimated 30 people, may need to increase budget
Day 1
$120 Coffee, Eliot Center Mozilla $1 per person per serving. Estimated 60 attendees, two coffee servings
$120 Breakfast GoDaddy fruit, bagels
Day 2
$120 Coffee, Eliot Center GoDaddy $1 per person per serving. Estimated 60 attendees, two coffee servings
$50 Breakfast GoDaddy we usually have some leftovers from day 1, need some fresh though
$800 Catered Lunch Okta
Other Costs
$200 Nametags Open Collective we don't have enough tags left from the 2016 stock


What keynotes shall we have? Brainstorm below (subjects, and speaker suggestions optional but also ok)

  • What is the IndieWeb?
    • Tantek Çelik - let's show instead of tell, lightning self / *personal* site (not project) intros - 1-2 min max?. (aside: save the personal *project* intros for day 2)
  • State of the IndieWeb
    • Tantek Çelik - can put together an update similar to past years
  • Micro.blog Manton Reece
  • The Next Wave of IndieWeb: Readers Aaron Parecki, Jonathan LaCour, et al.
  • William Hertling, author of Kill Process, a technothriller exploring data ownership and privacy, the decentralized web, and the impact of technology on people
  • ...

Leaders Summit

Main article: 2018/Leaders

Similar to 2016/Leaders & 2017/Leaders, the Leaders Summit sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2015-2017 or at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you're not sure, ask an organizer.

Possible Dates

Possible dates (Saturday+Sunday unless otherwise indicated)

We may run the event as part of Open Source Bridge 2018. The dates for that will be the week of June 25-29.

Rejected dates (all well below candidate dates above)

  • ...

Vague date related thoughts:

  • 2.5 days again (half day leaders summit, 1 day intro/brainstorming, 1 day hackday)
  • ...

Other events with similar audiences:

Other events / possible conflicts:

Notes from previous years

Notes from after 2017 IndieWeb Summit to keep in mind for this year

  • In 2017 we had 50 registrations, and ordered food for 40.
  • 31 people attended on day 1, and 21 attended on day 2.
  • Hot breakfast on day 1 was great, and many people ate the leftovers for lunch that day. We still had too much left over though.
  • We consistently have people drop out the second day, so we can likely order less food for the second day than the first.
  • We had way too many bagels for day 2 breakfast. We can probably order 1 bagel for every 2 people.
  • The afternoon coffee refresh was a good idea, but it should have come around 2pm instead of 3pm. Also we didn't need as much as was ordered. The 4 coffees in the morning was a good amount, and probably needed only 2 more in the afternoon.
  • An external sign out on the street would have made it easier to find.
  • Several remote attendees filled out the ti.to registration, so we should make sure it's clear that the ti.to registration is just for in-person attendance.
  • Some people registered on ti.to twice, a month apart. Not sure what the problem there was or how to fix it.
  • We lost the beginning of the demos because Wirecast on the computer that was recording/streaming to youtube crashed. In the future, we should record the Vidyo stream in the main room as well as a backup.
  • We forgot to take a group photo on day 2.
  • Designate a camera-free area (like a conference room without a Vidyo setup) for people to use to type in passwords when they want to make sure they aren't being livestreamed and filmed at multiple angles

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