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OStatus is a suite of protocols for distributed social networking: Atom ActivityStreams, PubSubHubbub, Salmon, WebFinger per https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/365560040326840320 / Evan Prodromou, who later went on to develop pump.io, which itself is being superseded by ActivityPub.

IndieWeb Equivalents

Here's a table of OStatus technologies and current IndieWeb equivalents that are being adopted:

category OStatus IndieWeb
syndication format Atom ActivityStreams h-feed and h-entry
publishing notifications PubSubHubbub PubSubHubbub (0.4 arbitrary content)
reply notifications Salmon webmention
discovery / identity WebFinger rel-me

Related (semi-generationally) but not officially part of OStatus:

The indieweb equivalents are typically a subset and do not achieve the same levels of functionality as the OStatus technologies, however the indieweb equivalents are what's been developed so far to meet current use-cases.

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