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Pop-ups are one-time events, topic-specific like an IndieWebCamp session or local community oriented like a Homebrew Website Club at a new location, often to see how much interest there is before committing to a regular event.


Online Pop-Ups

The advantages of individual online sessions are:

  • Ability to focus/schedule on one topic
  • Sessions, not being part of a larger event, can be longer and more in-depth
  • Opportunity to settle long-standing issues by scheduling events that can attract people from multiple parts of a worldwide community.

Typically, these events have been scheduled at least two weeks in advance and scheduled at a time that is practical for people living on the East and West Coasts of the United States, as well as Europe to attend, as these are where currently the largest populations of attendees.

Online Pop-Ups Background

With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the community started organizing occasional online topic specific pop-up sessions, motivated by the uncertainty around scheduling in-person IndieWebCamp events for the immediate future.

In-Person Pop-Ups

In-person Pop-up events would also often occur when one or more community members were in a city for another reason, and proposed a Homebrew Website Club event in that location. Sometimes, these pop-ups were adjacent to events that attracted parties with similar interests.


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