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Project Labels are a way of categorizing project issues on project management software. Specifically, focusing on the labels used for Indieweb project iteration.

While change control and expansion of Indieweb projects does vary, the common elements include:

  • A series of stages culminating in stability
  • The requirement for implementations/use in the wild.
  • Need for feedback and review
  • Need demonstrated use cases


The below is based on a version of a list originally created by Tantek Çelik and modified by David Shanske. It shows the labels and their descriptions. As opposed to having multiple review labels, for example, the combination of labels would indicate the type of review.

  • Needs Review - Indicates a need to review some aspect of the issue
  • Needs Tests - Indicates a need for tests to demonstrate/try out
  • Needs Proposal - Indicates that the issue or problem raised needs a clear proposal or design.
  • Needs Implementation - Indicates that the issue or problem needs an implementation(s)
  • Needs Iteration - Indicating that a proposal needs update/iteration due to feedback or other considerations
  • Aged - Indicating a proposal should be reviewed due no activity on it, or its age and considered for closure or iteration.
  • Needs Feedback - Indicating a proposal needs feedback
  • Has Tests - Indicating there is a valid test
  • Has Proposal - Indicating that there is a clear proposal or design that has been put forth.
  • Has Publisher or Has Server - Indicating that this has a publisher or for some specs, has a server implementation
  • Has Consumer or Has Client - Indicating that this has a consumer or for some specs, has a client implementation

See also Tantek’s labels for helping issues advance along the microformats2 change control process:

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