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2022 Microformats Roundtable is an upcoming IndieWebCamp Pop-up 2022 session.



Let's discuss how we can close out some outstanding microformats2 questions. Below are items we didn't get to last time.

microformats2 features are advanced by a 3 step process: Proposed, Draft, and Stable.

  • Proposed features must provide documentation of what specific real world use-cases they are solving, preferably with a link to a step-by-step user scenario.
  • Draft properties must in addition be published and consumed in the wild on the public web, demonstrate solving the use case for which they were proposed, and should provide citations of real world public web sites publishing and (other sites) consuming them, interoperably.
  • Stable properties must in addition be published and consumed in the wild on multiple sites by multiple implementations (3+ different sites and implementations for publishing and consuming). When a draft property reaches a critical mass of deployment by numerous sites and implementations (far beyond 3+), due to network effects and backward compatibility considerations it effectively becomes stable, since it becomes increasingly difficult to change it in any way and have so many sites and implementations also change.


Most-discussed issues carried over from mf2 parsing issues, add your -1/0/+1 votes and/or add additional issues you’d like to bring attention to.


(stub section)

(please propose specific issues to discuss)