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A profile photo is a photo or other image typically used to identify the author of a post, a social media profile, or an entire personal site.

Profile photos are usually found on a person’s homepage, as part of their profile, as a website icon, and next to their name where their name is used to identify the author of a post or comment. Profile photos are also sometimes used in facepiles.


Profile photos identify people and should be marked up using h-card. Often they’ll be part of a large h-card containing other information, but a single img element can be used alone (or nested in an anchor) to create an h-card:

<a class="h-card" href="">
  <img src="/photo.jpg" alt="Author Name" />

See also: How to use a profile photo as a website icon.

IndieWeb Examples

Do you publish a profile photo on your site? If so, how? Add yourself here:

Barnaby Walters

Barnaby Walters publishes a profile photo on his homepage as part of his profile h-card, as well as in the authorship h-card for every post and note (example).

Each profile photo is dated and kept when the “main” profile photo is changed. Old posts retain the profile photo in use when they were published (example of old photo example of new photo)

The current profile photo is also used as the site’s icon.


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