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The representative h-card for a page is an h-card on that page that represents that page, if any, as not all pages are about a person or organization, a page might not have a representative h-card.

Use Cases

  • How to discover a person's name and image from their homepage URL, e.g.:
    • When creating a blog post, link to a person, and have that link automatically use their image and name as link text.
    • After signing in with indieauth, finding the person's name and profile image

How To

How To Publish


How To Publish With WordPress

  • Twenty Fifteen / Twenty Fourteen theme
    • If you are using the Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Fourteen theme as a single-author site, you can edit the theme file /twentyfifteen/inc/template-tags.php or /twentyfourteen/inc/template-tags.php
      • Search for the line with author vcard
      • On the same line, find the link a class="url fn n"
      • Add rel="me" to that link, so it looks like: a class="url fn n" rel="me"
      • Save the template file


How To Discover



  1. Use a microformats2 parser to parse the page / site homepage into JSON
  2. Process that JSON with which will return a small JSON structure with the representative h-card for the page


  • Telegraph checks the URL of the person who logged in for a representative h-card to show their name and photo when logged in
  • The Webmention plugin for Craft CMS uses this to find the author during webmention processing
  • ...Please add examples of tools/services that consume it for their normal operation!


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