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garden is a place for deliberate growing of plants, decorative or for eating, that are sometimes the primary subject of IndieWeb posts, and is an area of exploration for more structured posts around planting, plant growth, flowering, bearing fruit etc.

Not to be confused with the use of a garden metaphor, e.g.

IndieWeb Examples

Barnaby Walters

Barnaby Walters has been posting about gardening since 2013-05-22 more examples:

Anthony Ciccarello

Anthony Ciccarello Considering adding to site (or making a subdomain). Previously, he used GardenTags to post and track his plants.


Information to include

  • Common & scientific names
  • Growth/Change/Death
  • Origin (seed, store, cutting)
  • Harvesting, pruning, splitting/propagating
  • Preferred conditions (light, water, soil)
  • Photos

Grouping related posts

  • Part of the fun of gardening is seeing individual plants/plots grow over time so posts should be linked somehow
  • Plant care often happens in bursts, once a week of watering, maybe every few months for re-potting and other projects. Lots of updates on individual plants might be better posted as a collection in a feed or kept entirely separate from a main feed.


Brainstorming why: categories worth growing yourself:

  1. organic (you have much more control, costs you less to control than certified organic farms, avoid woowoo practices)
  2. narrow ideal ripening window
  3. easily bruised/harmed in transport. Examples: tomatoes, avocados

Not why

Not a why not, but not a reason why, cleaning indoor air:

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