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indieweb.txt is a proposal (first discussed at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2015) for a strategy to allow IndieWeb site owners to share information about:


  • Sharing information on tools and practices across a growing movement, enabling interested people to discover which tools and strategies IndieWeb site owners are using
  • Self-reflection: personal motivation to review one's own IndieMark occasionally
  • Contributing to a better understanding of the evolution of the IndieWeb (also see:



  • Could be a free-form text file
  • But ideally should at least have some basic structure (like robots.txt or humans.txt)
  • Shouldn't probably be at a fixed, hardcoded location - a rel link tag could probably be used: e.g.
<link rel="indieweb" href="/some/where/indieweb.txt" />

Brainstorming suggestions

From the brainstorming session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2015:

  • point to multiple structured resources describing tools/strategies/IndieMark 'compliance'
  • see RingMark - both in terms of running automated checks and of visualizing in a very intuitive way the level of compliance
  • extend the advertising items to include API endpoints to interact with the site (e.g. to post content, replies, etc. - this is mostly covered by existing strategies, but could be useful for ad-hoc APIs)


  • HTML perhaps? Indie Web. ๐Ÿ˜€ โ€” 08:13, 12 July 2015 (PDT)