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Specifications are technical documentation of how to support key building blocks for the indieweb, in particular, to achieve various levels and axes of IndieMark feature functionality with formats, protocols, and algorithms for consuming, sending, and receiving.

IndieWeb Specifications

The following specifications are used for dependable interoperability by the IndieWebCamp community.

Widely implemented:

Being implemented / in development:

Per IndieWebCamp principles, microformats specifications are (re-)used heavily as essential simple building block extensions to HTML.

Specs to iterate on

Here are specs we should iterate on for more formal publishing / announcing saying they're "done" enough etc. In rough order of simpler / shorter first (all of these should normatively reference microformats and IndieWeb specs as needed).

Other specifications

There are other specifications that even though various IndieWeb implementations / sites may support, they're not necessary for web independence, and thus omitted here.

To keep things especially simpler for authors and publishers, the indieweb does not depend on any specifications which require the author to duplicate (e.g. DRY violate) their content on additional URLs (e.g. sidefile-antipattern).

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