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Welcome to the IndieWeb Gift Calendar! The 2023 IndieWeb Gift Calendar is the 7th annual group effort to gift (ship) one or more IndieWeb-related thing(s) each day of December that others can use to improve their IndieWeb experience.

This can be anything from IndieWeb friendly services & apps (like social readers, Micropub clients), CMSs, plugins, major documentation contributions, or community libraries.

Anyone can participate. See the Inspiration section below for ideas.

Please keep Considerations in mind, and if you’re not sure, make a commitment for yourself to ship something you’ll use yourself, which may reveal ways to improve things for the community.

Once you've finished something, write a short blog post and link to it in the calendar below!

December 2023


πŸ›  Bridgy Fed: profiles for all web sites Ryan Barrett

πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb
πŸ“œ IndieWeb Carnival Dec. jo


✳️ indiebookclub Year in Review gRegor Morrill


🧩 WordPress IndieAuth 4.4.0 David Shanske


πŸ“œ Ideas for improving metaformats parsing
Anthony Ciccarello


πŸ“„ Craft.do Starrwulfe

🧩 WordPress ActivityPub 1.3.0  Matthias Pfefferle


πŸ“… HWC EU/London capjamesg

πŸ“… HWC Pacific David Shanske


πŸ›  mf2py 2.0 Angelo Gladding & capjamesg


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


πŸ“„ Data Dialogues Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ“œ How to write about blogs Frank Meeuwsen

πŸ“„ Meta Platforms πŸ“„ location tag Tantek Γ‡elik
πŸ›  lexrpc 0.5 Ryan Barrett


πŸ“œ IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023 Joe Crawford

🧩 IndieWeb for Elgg v1.1.0 πŸ‘€ Nikolai Shcherbin


πŸ“„ IWC SD planning
πŸ“‘ IWC SD 2023 Category gRegor Morrill

πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„ word of the day, long word, web component capjamesg


πŸ›  <recommend-firefox> capjamesg

πŸ“… HWC Nuremberg BjΓΆrn Stierand
πŸ“… HWC EU/London capjamesg
πŸ“„πŸ“„ Accra goifnetwork.org Tantek Γ‡elik


✳️ Threads federate out ActivityPub Meta Platforms

πŸ›  Bridgy Fed supports following Threads confirmed Ryan Barrett


πŸ›  AutoWrite personal text engine capjamesg

πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


πŸ“… IndieWebCamp San Diego


πŸ“… IndieWebCamp San Diego

πŸ“„ Slim gRegor Morrill
πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„ December, joy, what to make at IndieWebCampβ€Žβ€Ž Tantek Γ‡elik
πŸ“„ swiftbot capjamesg
πŸ“„ iNaturalist Barnaby Walters
πŸ“„ typecast Chris Aldrich
πŸ“„ Bandcrash fluffy
πŸ“œ IndieWebCamp San Diego Day 2 Joe Crawford


πŸ“œ Choosing between ideas for blog posts Tracy Durnell


πŸ“„ Monogram gRegor Morrill


πŸ“… HWC EU/London Mark Sutherland

πŸ“… HWC Pacific David Shanske


🧩 WordPress IndieAuth 4.4.1 David Shanske


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


πŸ“„ communication-preferences Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ“„ static web hosting Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ“… IndieWeb Createfest David Shanske
❇️ IndieWeb Movie Watching Overview Sara JakΕ‘a

🧩 WordPress Webmention 5.2.0  Matthias Pfefferle


πŸ“„ personal feed Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ›  web-calendar web component capjamesg

πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„ new pages per year 2017-created
Aaron Parecki
🧩 WordPress Webmention 5.2.1  Matthias Pfefferle


πŸ“„ developer FAQ Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


πŸ›  Bridgy Fed front page redesign, docs rewrite for multi-protocol Ryan Barrett


πŸ“„ large language model
πŸ“œ capture first, edit publish later
πŸ“œ adding a
No LLMs used… disclaimer
Tantek Γ‡elik


Gifts can be anything from major wiki documentation contributions / improvements to shipping updates on any of the IndieWeb applications (like social readers), services, CMSs, plugins, community libraries, or any other projects in use by multiple folks.

Please keep in mind the following considerations when adding something to a day:

  • Please keep the description to three lines or less. If you need help or ideas to copyedit your description down to fit, see other entries, or ask in chat for help copyediting.
  • It must be shipping / usable, not just a blog post announcing / saying you plan to do it.
  • Is it clear what your thing does?
  • Is it clear how someone is supposed to use it or otherwise benefit from it?
  • What use-case does it solve for others (besides yourself)? Ask yourself, how would/could someone else in the community use the thing I'm posting?
  • If it's a markup / styling example, is it clear what its purpose is, and how someone could/should copy the markup/styling and customize it for their own site?
  • If it's a programming example, is it clear how an indieweb site could use the code, using what language(s)? Does it require any frameworks?
  • If it's a code example or project, is it clearly open sourced, with a clear link to its GitHub or other code repo that has at least a README explaining how it can be used for either direct user benefit or to enhance existing indieweb sites?

Emoji gift kinds

We use emoji to indicate different kinds of IndieWeb related gifts. E.g. (and every one of these must be IndieWeb related, assume that literally as a prefix of the description) Used so far:

  • 🎁 gift planned β€” wait for the day for it to be unwrapped! Have something you’re making for the community for a particular day? Put the 🎁 emoji on that day, and optionally wrap it in span giftwrap like
    • <span title="from: yourname">🎁</span>
  • ❇️ new user service (none yet in 2023!)
  • ✳️ updated or friendly user service (or improved building blocks support)
  • πŸ“„ new wiki page
  • πŸ“‘ new category wiki page
  • πŸ›  tools, libraries, web components, command line utilities etc. for developers
  • πŸ“« newsletter published, e.g. This Week In The IndieWeb
  • 🧩 user-installable plugin or add-on e.g. WordPress/Drupal plugin, browser add-on/extension
  • πŸ’¬ chat related improvements (bots, chat bridges, moderation, archives, chat web UI)
  • πŸ“… event, e.g. IndieWebCamp, Pop-up, Homebrew Website Club
  • 🎧 podcast, e.g. TWITIWAE
  • πŸ“ƒ for external documentation updates for any of the above (e.g. improved docs for tools)
  • πŸ– graphics posting/creating user client (presumably with Micropub support)
  • πŸ“œ blog post about the IndieWeb β€” only use this if the blog itself is the gift, i.e. if it’s a blog post about one of the above, use the icon related to the thing itself, not the blog post about the thing.

More ideas (inspired by kinds of gifts from 2021)

  • πŸ“ writing client (presumably with Micropub support)
  • ...

More sources of ideas:


Looking for something to do to benefit the community?

In general (feel free to add things here that you find inspiring in general, or hope someone else is inspired to do :)

Specific inspirations:

  • ...

In progress

Got something you're working on for the IndieWeb Gift Calendar but it's not quite complete or ready for community re-use? Feel free to link to it here while you're working on it, especially if you'd like others to review it, provide feedback etc.


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