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Bjoern Stierand is an IndieWeb enthusiast and Known user/plugin developer from Nuremberg, Germany.

Björn Stierand

Hey there, I'm Björn (with a German umlaut, that is). I'm an IT management guy by day and an IndieWeb user and Known plugin developer by night. Well, I'm that by day as well. ;) I live in lovely Nürnberg, Germany. My outlets on the web are:

My personal itch

Less Stuff

I have too many (self-hosted) outlets on the web (running different technologies) and use too many similar web-based tools (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). For the next IndieWebCamp in Nuremberg I want to take a step back, analyse what's there and what needs to go. I want to end up with a proper idea what tool to use for which job, less tools in general and a better idea how to handle my outlets on the web and how to manage and present all the data I create and collect.


For years now I try to collect all the stuff I put on the interwebs on my own site. After some tries with a self-written script and adventures into Reclaim Social Media I now happily run my own Known instance. I want to setup a kind of journal there, where I collect my daily activities in the various silos and create journal entries. The current setup to implement this uses Sifttter Redux Known, an IFTTT-Dropbox-Ruby script setup. This works quite ok for now, but needs some more improvement.