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Obsidian is a free, multi-platform application for writing and maintaining plain text notes (for longevity) as markdown files that provides a modest paid hosting service one can use with a personal-domain.

While not (yet) an open source project, the application encourages users to own their own data locally in a way that allows the use of alternate applications.

As of 2021-01-19 in version 0.10.9, the service provides a paid option for (selectively) hosting one's notes on a personal-domain allowing it to be used as an IndieWeb service.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Others in the wild have used the raw text notes to publish their notes as a website online using static site generators.
    • โ€œObsidian+Github Pagesโ€ for digital gardeners? also includes links for other services and platforms as well as plugins, tools, and methods for creating SSG-based websites

Silo Examples

Examples of sites published using Obsidian's Publish feature (without custom or personalized domain names):


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