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A location tag (sometimes called a geo tag) is a deliberate visible indicator on a post indicating the location that it is about, either directly in the post from its author, or sometimes as a reply to the post.

IndieWeb Examples

None for location tags in particular so far.

See location#IndieWeb_Examples for general IndieWeb Examples of location information in posts (some of these may be close enough to "location tags" to merit including/moving here).

Silo Examples


Facebook barely supports showing location tag posts, perhaps only in a web action in a prompt to a viewer to Suggest Location right next to a Tag Photo webaction, perhaps only on photo posts:

and when clicked, that generates a notification location tag post in the original post author’s notifications stream, that so-and-so suggests a location for your post (possibly only photos).

(suggest location notification screenshot needed)

If you (as the author of the original post) accept the location tag notification (possibly another response?), then that shows up in location tagger's notifications as a "so-and-so accepted your location suggestion on her photo."

  • (white location pin on pink background mini square icon) n minutes ago / about an hour ago etc.

(post with location tag screenshot needed)

Then the post itself shows the location as it would if the author had originally specified it themselves.

There is no indication that the location information came from a location tag post from someone else.

This is in contrast to the way tag-reply posts (in particular, person-tags) are displayed by Facebook, where it does show who tagged whom in a photo.


How to markup

The proposed location-of property could be used to markup a location tag reply post. See that page for more details of how that could work:

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