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The 2022 IndieWeb Gift Calendar is the 6th annual group effort to gift (ship) one or more IndieWeb-related thing(s) each day of December that others can use to improve their IndieWeb experience.

This can be anything from major wiki documentation contributions / improvements to shipping updates on any of the IndieWeb applications (like social readers), services, CMSs, plugins, community libraries, or any other projects in use by multiple folks.

Welcome to the 6th annual IndieWeb Gift Calendar! Anyone can participate, and if you’re looking for ideas, see the Inspiration section below.

Please keep in mind the Considerations and if you’re not sure, you may want to first make a commitment for yourself (and follow through) to ship something you’ll use on your own site, as it will likely help reveal ways to improve things for the community as a whole that others can also use.

Once you've finished something, write a short blog post and link to it in the calendar below!

December 2022


πŸ– Kapowski: for posting reaction GIFs Marty McGuire

πŸ“„ close friends Tantek Γ‡elik
πŸ“ sparkles micropub client benji


πŸ› οΈ Bridgy Fed photos in feeds & no www Ryan Barrett

πŸ“œ Moving to a new Mastodon or to Micro.blog Manton Reece
πŸ“‘ hashtags Tantek Γ‡elik
πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


πŸ“œ Ethics of Webmention syndicating comments Terence Eden

🧩 WP plugin: mobile support for Press This Ryan Barrett


πŸ› οΈ Lots of Bridgy Fed updates! Ryan Barrett


🧩 instagram-atom browser extensions Ryan Barrett


πŸ›  IndieKit v1.0.0 Alpha 17 release Paul Robert Lloyd


πŸ’¬ Mastodon #indieweb tag feeds added to #stream channel Aaron Parecki

πŸ“… Homebrew Website Club β€” Pacific David Shanske


πŸ›  python mf2 parsing site 1.1.2 update + img alt support! capjamesg Aaron Parecki Sven Knebel


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


🎧 This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition


πŸ›  ActivityPub (for WordPress) 0.14.2 release  Matthias Pfefferle



πŸ“„ AS 2.0 Tantek Γ‡elik

πŸ›  First release of lexrpc, Python lib for AT Protocol Lexicon + XRPC Ryan Barrett
πŸ“… EFF Austin: IndieWeb and Mastodon: The Time is Now


πŸ“… Homebrew Website Clubs: Europe/London and Pacific Mark Sutherland capjamesg David Shanske


πŸ“ƒ Bridgy Fed: document how BF converts mf2 to AS2 that gets rendered in the fediverse Ryan Barrett


πŸ“ƒ Bridgy: docs for Micropub support of both form-encoded & JSON Ryan Barrett

πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb
πŸ“„ newwwyear Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ›  Indiekit: public beta release! Paul Robert Lloyd

🎧 This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition



🧩 WP plugin: Syndication Links v4.4 released David Shanske


πŸ“„ follow your nose Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ›  Webmention receiver in F# lqdev.me

Bridgy: expand docs on Micropub and microformats handling Ryan Barrett
πŸ“… HWC London / Europe Mark Sutherland + capjamesg
πŸ“… Homebrew Website Club β€” Pacific David Shanske


πŸ›  Cali sends weekly reminders to add event photos to events.indieweb.org capjamesg

▢️ IndieWeb and Mastodon Tom Brown


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb


🎧 This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition


πŸ“„ use what you make Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ“œ What is the IndieWeb? fluffy

πŸ›  highlight.js interactively highlight pieces of text capjamesg


πŸ›  Release of Publ v.0.7.18 fluffy

🧩 highlight-js Firefox add-on capjamesg


πŸ“… Homebrew Website Club β€” Pacific David Shanske

πŸ“„ IndieWebTrain Tantek Γ‡elik


πŸ– sparkles: a micropub client public release benji


πŸ“« This Week in the IndieWeb

πŸ“œ Documentation in chat: A case study from the IndieWeb capjamesg


🎧 This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition



Gifts can be anything from major wiki documentation contributions / improvements to shipping updates on any of the IndieWeb applications (like social readers), services, CMSs, plugins, community libraries, or any other projects in use by multiple folks.

Please keep in mind the following considerations when adding something to a day:

  • It must be shipping / usable, not just a blog post announcing / saying you plan to do it.
  • Is it clear what your thing does?
  • Is it clear how someone is supposed to use it or otherwise benefit from it?
  • What use-case does it solve for others (besides yourself)? Ask yourself, how would/could someone else in the community use the thing I'm posting?
  • If it's a markup / styling example, is it clear what its purpose is, and how someone could/should copy the markup/styling and customize it for their own site?
  • If it's a programming example, is it clear how an indieweb site could use the code, using what language(s)? Does it require any frameworks?
  • If it's a code example or project, is it clearly open sourced, with a clear link to its GitHub or other code repo that has at least a README explaining how it can be used for either direct user benefit or to enhance existing indieweb sites?


Looking for something to do to benefit the community?

In general (feel free to add things here that you find inspiring in general, or hope someone else is inspired to do :)

Specific inspirations:

  • ...

In progress

Got something you're working on for the IndieWeb Gift Calendar but it's not quite complete or ready for community re-use? Feel free to link to it here while you're working on it, especially if you'd like others to review it, provide feedback etc.

See MediaWiki_customizations#Wiki_is_unusable_on_mobile for current discussion and progress on the wiki skin.
  • gRegor Morrill: I will try to work on switching the wiki to use MediaWiki Vector 2022 theme, which has better mobile responsiveness built-in, without needing to customize the theme CSS like we have in the past
    • To try it out now, visit Preferences > Appearance, check "Vector (2022)" and check "Enable responsive mode"
    • It largely works, but on mobile the sidebar still appears at the top and takes up space instead of collapsing behind the hamburger icon
    • Homepage will need some special attention since it's currently using custom CSS based on earlier Vector theme
    • Will also need to tweak how the logo is displayed. Vector 2022 currently just shows the title of the wiki "IndieWeb"
  • See also notes from chat logs: https://chat.indieweb.org/meta/2022-11-16#t1668577560889100
  • ...


Emoji gift kinds

Can we use emoji to indicate different kinds of gifts? E.g. Used so far:

  • πŸ– graphics posting/creating user client (presumably with Micropub support)
  • πŸ“„ new wiki page
  • πŸ“‘ new category wiki page
  • πŸ›  IndieWeb tools, libraries, command line utilities etc. for developers
  • πŸ“« IndieWeb related newsletter published, e.g. This Week In The IndieWeb
  • 🧩 IndieWeb related plugin or add-on e.g. WordPress/Drupal plugin, Browser add-on/extension
  • πŸ’¬ IndieWeb chat related improvements (bots, chat bridges, moderation, archives)
  • πŸ“… IndieWeb related event
  • 🎧 IndieWeb related podcast
  • πŸ“ƒ for external documentation updates for any of the above (e.g. improved docs for tools)
  • πŸ“œ blog post about the IndieWeb β€” only use this if the blog itself is the gift, i.e. if it’s a blog post about one of the above, use the icon related to the thing itself, not the blog post about the thing.

More ideas (inspired by kinds of gifts from 2021)

  • ❇️ new IndieWeb related user service
  • ✳️ updated IndieWeb related user service
  • πŸ“ writing client (presumably with Micropub support)
  • ...

More sources of ideas:

Past Gift Calendars

See Also