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moving to the fediverse and indieweb
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Moving from Mastodon to a new instance or to
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Decentralized Website Communication with Webmention (Talk Announcement)
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How secure a Twitter replacement is Mastodon? Let us count the ways
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Kapowski: reaction GIFs for the indie web
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Warning signs with social media platforms
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The IndieWeb (according to ChatGPT)
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Screech - a micropub client for podcasting
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The fediverse and the indieweb
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a post
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notes on indieweb 🔛 Xanadu design patterns
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This website is now a Fediverse citizen
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Thelma Michelle Moore (photo)Pronouns: she/her/hers Project Manager living in the US in Maryland. Chat Nickname: * tmichellemoore (US/New_York) Elsewhere:

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close friends

close friends is an explicit set of followings that some social media silos allow you to choose as a limited audience for some post types, like Instagram story posts.

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explore is a common feature of social media sites and silos, often display on a search page by default or sometimes on a home page, that typically displays popular content and trends on a site, or in some cases (like Mastodon instances), posts across connected sites that users on a site are interacting with (replying or reacting to).

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IndieBlocks is a WordPress plugin to help enable IndieWeb compatibility for the Gutenberg block-based editor.

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Shortnotes plugin

Shortnotes plugin is a WordPress plugin which provides a custom post type with Gutenberg blocks support for posting notes to your website.

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Homebrew Website Club Europe/London was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom held on 2022-11-30.

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microcaching is a technique of caching a web server response for a very short period of time to reduce the effects of the thundering herd problem.

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