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December 16-23, 2022

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Syndication Links for WordPress Version 4.4 Released
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I believe in the IndieWeb. It needs to believe in itself.
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A bit of IndieWeb pushback
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I attended IndieWeb Summit 2018
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follow your nose

follow your nose is an intentional local & web-centric methodology for designing discovery algorithms that start with a specific URL that to discover things about, inspecting its contents, often for specific hyperlink rel values to predictably discover information about & resources for that URL, in contrast to the “well-known” approach of instead checking outside that URL, like using only its domain with a hardcoded path.

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newwwyear is a hashtag (#NewwwYear for better readability) portmanteau of ”new”, ”WWW” for the World Wide Web, and “year”, proposed at the end of 2017 by Jamie McHale and popularized by Jen Simmons to encourage people to tweet their personal website plan for the upcoming new year, similar to the annual IndieWeb commitments wiki pages that began at the end of 2014 with 2015-01-01-commitments.

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You have 100 notifications

You have 100 notifications is the start of the subject of an email from Facebook congratulating you for not having interacted with Facebook for long enough that you accrued 100 or more notifications in the mean time, and a thinly disguised desperate attempt to get you to use Facebook again.

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tweetback is a clapback tweet and also an open source project for archiving your tweets.

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Novacast is a content recommendation engine built by capjamesg that he is selfdogfooding.

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Homebrew Website Club - Pacific was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom held on 2022-12-21.

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link rel

link rel is / rel.

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T Michelle Moore (photo)Pronouns: she/her/hers Project Manager living in the US in Maryland. Chat Nickname: * tmichellemoore (US/New_York) Elsewhere:

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proxy is an intermediary server between a client and another server.

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