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The IndieWeb Challenge is to collectively ship something IndieWeb-related that benefits the community, people in addition to yourself, every day of December! Anyone can participate, and if you're looking for something to do, see the Inspiration section below. This can be anything from major wiki contributions / improvements to shipping updates on any of the community libraries, plugins (or updates thereof), see last year’s challenge for more examples.

Please keep in mind the Considerations and if you’re not sure, you may want to first make a commitment (and follow through) to ship something you’ll use on your own site, as it will likely help reveal ways to improve things for the community as a whole:

Once you've finished something, write a short blog post and link to it in the calendar below!


Please keep in mind the following considerations when adding something to a day:

  • It must be shipping / usable, not just a blog post announcing / saying you plan to do it.
  • Is it clear what your thing does?
  • Is it clear how someone is supposed to use it or otherwise benefit from it?
  • What use-case does it solve for others (besides yourself)? Ask yourself, how would/could someone else in the community use the thing I'm posting?
  • If it's a markup / styling example, is it clear what its purpose is, and how someone could/should copy the markup/styling and customize it for their own site?
  • If it's a programming example, is it clear how an indieweb site could use the code, using what language(s)? Does it require any frameworks?
  • If it's a code example or project, is it clearly open sourced, with a clear link to its GitHub or other code repo that has at least a README explaining how it can be used for either direct user benefit or to enhance existing indieweb sites?


Looking for something to do to benefit the community?

In general (feel free to add things here that you find inspiring in general, or hope someone else is inspired to do :)

Specific inspirations:

  • Tantek Çelik: In addition to to-do items I've added (which anyone should feel free to snipe), I want to:
  • Eddie Hinkle: My goal is to try to make some UI/UX improvements to some areas throughout the wiki
    • Develop some html and css around the proposed homepage layout changes discussed at previous Organizers meet-ups and other layouts that could help move some of the intro pages of the wiki forward in UI/UX.
    • Improve IndieWebCamp page by creating a section at the top that explains more in-depth what you can expect at an IndieWebCamp and what the experience is like with some photos from recent IWCs. Previous IWCs should be less emphasized and lower down near the bottom of the page.
    • Release Swift library for IndieAuth/Micropub
  • David Shanske improve and ship an update to Simple Location
    • Fix a bunch of little bugs with my code that are affecting workflows
    • The upgrade I demoed at IWC NYC caused an issue with posting my podcast I have to fix.
      • People are saying, I can intermittently reproduce it, that the private/public location setting is not behaving itself. And if I want to default to always storing location...
  • ...

In progress

Got something you're working on for the IndieWeb Challenge but it's not quite complete or ready for community re-use? Feel free to link to it here while you're working on it, especially if you'd like others to review it, provide feedback etc.

  • Team Directory with h-cards Greg McVerry
    • Tantek Çelik quick review and questions:
      • What is the intended use of this for other folks in the community? What could/should someone do with it?
      • What is this page showing or demonstration? (looks like Geocities kinda-styling list of a few people?)
      • Is this page supposed to a building block for others to use? How? For what use-cases? By taking what steps?
  • ...

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