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Monogram is an idea for minimal Micropub client and minimal service that allows you to have one of everything: one post, one like, one reply, one follow, and taking one of those actions replaces the previous one in the service.


  • Micropub support: if you enable Micropub support, then Monogram acts like a client and lets you post any of those things to your website, but itself only keeps the most recent post, like, reply, follow in the app itself.


Originally discussed at IndieWeb Summit 2016 and IndieWebCamp Austin 2017 and subsequently brought up in chat many times with comments that we should document it on the wiki.

The notes below are unedited from Aaron Parecki at IndieWebCamp Austin Feb 2020

Meet Monogram: the social networking app where you can post only one photo

app with the exi.

The first thusers, based on verification status and interactions on posts.

Clicking on a photo opens the photo full screen.

Scrolling down in the photo view shows that user's profile information.

Some indication that you can type a comment or like the , or follow the user.

* Update your profile photo
* inverify the user's account, which sets their username as their 

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  • : "Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 postsโ€”for life. While you can reply to a post as often as you like, every time you add to the feed, it subtracts from your lifetime total. When you reach 0 posts left, thatโ€™s it. No exceptions."