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A personal feed is a feed of your posts and may refer to typical IndieWeb homepages (sometimes separate pages) which have a stream of posts, also called a profile feed on silos, and in developer or older blogging contexts, may refer to a separate feed file of your posts.

IndieWeb Examples

Mixed/composite homepage feed examples with complete posts (AKA blogs):

Streams of partial posts / summaries:

Streams of only names/titles of posts:

Separate feeds (not on homepage):

Silo Profile Feeds

  • 2022-10-05 Instagram Is Now Putting Ads In Your Profile Feed

    The profile feed refers to the vertical scrolling experience activated once someone taps a thumbnail on a user’s profile. It doesn’t refer to the profile grid, which will remain free from advertising.

    Note defining use of profile feed as a "vertical scrolling experience" of the complete/full posts shown when someone taps on a thumbnail on a user's profile, thus posts from that user (in contrast to a news feed or home feed).

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