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Planning for IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023.

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023, originally found here.

San Diego

The First Ever IndieWebCamp San Diego!

Event has been confirmed for 2023-12-16…17 at the Blackmarket Bakery. https://indieweb.org/2023/SD


  • Brainstorming for December 2023
    • Blackmarket Bakery (7am - 4pm) is pretty good. On 30th St. They have a nice fenced in courtyard of good size with several table sizes, shade, power, etc. I believe they have some other locations too dotted around but I can't speak for them.
      • Note: since they close at 4pm we'd likely need another venue to continue brainstorming or for demos (like with a projector? or we use a laptop with a large screen and share window with Zoom to record it)
    • Seaside Market in Cardiff is further north (almost a midpoint to Oceanside) - has adjacent Starbucks and outdoor tables.
    • Encinitas is on the Coaster line and has a lot of outdoor venues.
  • Maybe not:
    • Most of the Better Buzz's fit the bill but with smaller outdoor footprint - so more of a fight to get a good table.
      • chance of "fight to get a good table" means we shouldn't depend on it for an IndieWebCamp — Tantek Çelik


Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible dates in December 2023, Saturday & Sunday:

  • David Shanske is willing to do something midweek, or Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday combo as well.

Following weekends 12/24, 12/31 are holidays (US Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve)

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