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Typecast is a method for syndicating/broadcasting content to the internet by posting to one's personal website by typing up a post using a typewriter. Posting a typecast to one's site is known as typecasting. Some have called the world of typewritten blog posts the "typosphere".


Beyond traditional means, some writers prefer the tactile modes of thinking facilitated by using a mechanical typewriter or related modalities like handwriting.

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A blogroll feed of typecast posts and typewriter related content can be found at the bottom of the page at https://typosphere.blogspot.com/ (hint: click on "show all" at the bottom to see more).


Simply taking a photo and posting to one's site is the simplest method, but for accessibility one might consider including alt text.

Some post only a photo of their typewritten pages, but others include a typed transcription of the page as well.

To encourage writers to post to their website, one could consider hosting a "type-in".

Potential issue: using typecast images as replies to posts may not work well as some commenting systems (WordPress for one) will sanitize out HTML for images, thus removing the body of the comment. Within WordPress, the webmentions will be received, but will be blank, unless there was body text. As a result of this, including a copy of the text in the body of the post (and not just alt-text) may be beneficial.


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