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Handwriting is a great, tactile, time-tested method for creating content, so who wouldn't want to use it as part of a user interface for posting to one's personal website?

IndieWeb Examples

  • Chris Aldrich made his first post from a handwritten index card with a fountain pen to his website on 2021-11-23.
    • He used a custom app on his Android phone to take a photo of the handwritten index card which saves the image to Google Drive. Opening the file in Google Docs automatically does OCR on the photo and places the text into the document. The document creation in Google Drive triggers an IFTTT recipe that uses a webhook to Micropub workflow (described elsewhere) that posts the text from the Google Doc to his WordPress website as a draft. He can then edit any issues/errors from the OCR, add photos, etc. and then publish the post with optional syndication targets like Twitter, Mastodon, and micro.blog.
    • Additional details about the posting process as well as using Rocketbook notebook and a Pilot Frixion pen: https://boffosocko.com/2021/12/20/55799844/
  • Daniel Burgarth runs https://www.stempen.org/, a site about pens in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), that is handwritten in pen with active URL links. It states that it was built with technology from Stylus Labs.


  • PaperWebsite is a platform that allows one to write on any kind of paper, capture the writing via photo and uses AI to convert the writing to text and posts it to a custom website. One can then edit and publish the content.
  • Rocketbook, a company with digital paper/pen/app product that might be used for posting to one's website
  • Livescribe, a digital pen company whose technology with OCR might be used for posting to one's website.

Silo Examples

Alton Brown on Twitter

In his early Twitter experience, Alton Brown, a well known chef and television host, has regularly used photographs of his handwritten, drawn, and typed notes and replies on yellow Post it notes to communicate on Twitter



What other methods might one use to post handwriting to their personal website? Add your ideas below.

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