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IndieWeb For Newbies R&D Project was a session at IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023.



  • IndieWeb For Newbies R&D Project, #indienewbies, Al
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  • Al's thoughts: how to wrap your head about IndieWeb
  • Goal: blog an explanation of an indiewebcamp
  • What is IndieWeb?
    • What does Loqi / the wiki say?
      • "The IndieWeb is a community of independent & personal websites connected by simple standards, based on the principles of: owning your domain & using it as your primary identity, publishing on your own site (optionally syndicating elsewhere), and owning your data indieweb"
  • Why is the indieweb?
    • why
    • personal web? artisanal?
    • Wikipedia solves for the density problem by structured guidelines about the first sentence in any article
  • Obstructions
    • "I am not technical enough"
    • I am not a developer
    • Newbie to advanced?
    • How user friendly is the onboarding?
    • With Twitter diminishing and Mastodon ascendent more potential interest
  • Joe: talked to his cousin about their non-commercial web interests, tried explaining it in a more "normie friendly" way
  • Goal is not to dumb down the wiki
  • Should ecompass the changing nature of user needs over time, 10 years ago maybe people were leaving FB, later IG, later Twitter
  • Aside, Added a redirect from /wiki/indieweb to IndieWeb in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Indieweb&redirect=no
  • Joe: finds himself flailing trying to describe IW; would like a single paragraph as an elevator pitch
  • Tantek: three points on IW page are solid; challenge is that the reasons people are looking change over time.
    • 10 years ago - someone might want to get off FB
    • 5 years - get off IG
    • this year - get off Twitter
    • meta challenge = reasons change over time
  • David: "the perception that we're a community of developers is a constant misconception"
  • The wiki could have simpler pages but would need to have clearer distinction of beginner friendly pages they should look at
  • Indieweb intro video?
    • "what is the indieweb to you?"
    • 60 second trailer to feature different people; emotive, narrative, friendly and welcoming
    • capture the vibe of the zoom hangout sessions in a way that scales in an async way
    • photos on the home page?
  • Showcasing a human touch
  • artisinal made by a real person

Does the IndieWeb have a blog?

Maybe home page could show a live more recent photo near the top to show that the IndieWeb is people

  • most recent HWC photos (e.g. that were in the latest newsletter)
  • most recent IWC photo
  • Most recent event photo won't always be the most inclusive representation and may give a bad impression
  • Iterate on improving which links are highlighted for new people to check out
  • Al: I can't be alone in that "I found my tribe" feeling
  • The social motivation for indieweb is something yet to be tapped
  • Tantek: putting pictures of people can also backfire; can make the society look more homogeneous or less welcoming than intended
    • text is "neutral" in the identity sense, makes it more about the ideas and principles
    • ok with discouraging negative people
  • Joe:
    • Goal is to be maximally inviting and minimally discouraging
    • Sounds like a marketing effort
    • Al: I'd call that "storytelling"


  • Home page has always been hotly contested
  • Can we create a standalone page? That we all can update.

Tantek: You can't get it wrong, when it comes to your own blog posts, you own what you say

Tantek: Wordpress can help with hosting, but people go down the road of creating their own blog end up with an island, no broken social

  • list the steps to indieweb plugin
  • David's offering his help with the #wordpress channel discuss#wordpress
  • wordpress outreach club
  • micro.blog has social right out of the box, indieweb features are built in - short answer

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