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Holiday theme is a temporary custom CSS or other change in a website typically meant to visually indicate the celebration of a holiday or special occasion.

IndieWeb Examples

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich has previously made small changes to background elements to indicate the celebration of particular holidays
    • Christmas 2016 - added an "Ugly Sweater" background to the typically black frame around his page as well as a snow-effect (via JetPack) for the month of December to celebrate the end of year holidays.
    • Ugly Sweater Holiday Border

Eddie Hinkle

Silo Examples



  • For Halloween 2017, GitHub changed the colors of their standard contributions calendar visualization from the traditional shades of green to shades of yellow, oranges, and black to celebrate Halloween



  • Customization for birthday celebrations
    • need examples


  • Has previously done custom overlays on pages in celebration of their birthdays
    • need examples

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