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Halloween is an annual holiday on October 31st that often inspires holiday themes on websites, both personal and corporate.

See holiday theme for other holidays.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki celebrates the entire month of Halloween (October) with:

  • The pixel grid turns orange and black
  • The background map changes to orange theme


capjamesg celebrates Halloween by adding a spooky banner and changing the emoji in his blog's name to a pumpkin (since Halloween 2021)

Silo Examples


Since Halloween 2017 (and possibly earlier?), GitHub changed the colors of their standard contributions calendar visualization from the traditional shades of green to shades of yellow, oranges, and black to celebrate Halloween. Image from 2017:


For Halloween, Twitter users will often change their display name to a play on spooky words often along with emoji including pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, webs, or other holiday related emoji.

Twitter users also encourage Halloween-specific changes in language, e.g.:


For Halloween, Letterboxd changed their three circle logo to give each circle a scary, ghostish face and animate it to appear as if it was slowly dripping blood.

Letterboxd Halloween logo screencapture

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