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An easter egg is an (often small) undocumented feature, many are small jokes.

Konami Code

Konami Code is a cheat code originating from 80s Konami video games, these days used as reference, or as an actual, functioning Easter egg on websites: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

This is vanilla JS, no framework is needed.

function kcl(cb) {
  var input = '';
  var key = '38384040373937396665';
  document.addEventListener('keydown', function (e) {
    input += ("" + e.keyCode);
    if (input === key) {
      return cb();
    if (!key.indexOf(input)) return;
    input = ("" + e.keyCode);

kcl(function () {
    // do something here

IndieWeb Examples

Read any of the below at your own risk. You may want to go hunting yourself!

Martijn van der Ven

Martijn van der Ven has the following easter eggs on his homepage:

Easter egg 1

On any touch enabled devices (or browsers sending touch events for inputs) you can swipe right to trigger an window.alert().

This is active as of 2017-08-20.

Easter egg 2

Forever 18: there is a 9% chance that my age will display as 18 years old, with a non-base-10 modifier on it.

This is active as of 2019-05-05.

Easter egg 3

Entering the Konami Code on the h-card will trigger an window.alert() containing an old-school Geek Code.

This is active as of 2019-10-20.

Peter Molnar

Added an experimental, incredibly ugly, alternative style sheet, which is activated by Konami Code.


fluffy's site has quite a few animated error pages, complete with theme songs. Try to generate a 403, 404, or 4xx error yourself. (If you give up, here are spoilers.)

Add yourself

Hit edit on this section if you want to add yourself without spoiling other people’s easter eggs for yourself!

Add a new section above the === Add yourself === line, e.g. === Your Name ===. You can use the following mark-up to hide your easter egg descriptions from viewers:

<raw><details><summary>Easter egg title</summary></raw>

Describe it here.