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Session scheduling at IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023.

Scheduling took place in the etherpad instead of by Post-it notes on a schedule grid. A lot of information ended up on 2023/SD/Schedule already, but archiving the etherpad here for completeness.

Session Proposals

Three things: session name, session hashtag, and your name!

IndieWeb For Newbies R&D Project

Joe's Open Graph Protocol WordPress plugin and publishing

  • #opengraphpublishing, Joe Crawford
    • Tantek is interested (especially in context of the publishing solutions in link-preview), who else? angelo interested, Isaac interested
    • David Shanske shows up for OGP and WordPress
    • Problem being solved: publishing for external consuming code
    • Plugin: OpenGraph Protocol Tools https://wordpress.org/plugins/open-graph-protocol-tools
    • Anthony Ciccarello: figure out what's actually being used in the wild, and what makes sense to map to what microformats
    • Pete suggests this is a way to get interest from people who are familiar with Open Graph but not (yet) IndieWeb; as Joe said, "if you like publishing info via OG, maybe you'll really like IndieWeb"

Follow Your Nose replace or fallback for the use-cases that people use WebFinger


Aggregating movie watching and optionally reviews

  • #movieviewings, benji
    • Inspired by Breakfast and Coffee (https://breakfastand.coffee)
    • Hope to make it work similar to IndieNews, where you can syndicate content from anywhere and it would pop up.
    • Sara: I have spent working today in the way to find the common movies and books based on data on the personal sites, so I would be interested in this topic
    • Consuming code side of it, what is the point of having this piece of data, and how do we bring it together
    • James likes this idea!
    • Angelo, interested
    • Anthony Ciccarello is interested in reviews and possible consuming use cases
    • Isaac is interested

Informal sandwich protocol

  • Session proposal: IndieWeb Sandwich Protocol (who?)
    • Any seconders? Template:eggmcmuffin
    • What would be the IndieWeb Sandwich Protocol? We aggregate the decision making of the best sandwich?
    • Yes.
James: wants a sandwich.
Loqi: hands James a sandwich.🥪☕
GWG: Do you want egg or just egg?
James: I have had two egg sandwiches today already. And a toasted sandwich.
Sara: I can only offer a vegetable soup, if you are up to it... Not sure if it would survive travell to another side of the continent
James: _thinks about what to say_
James: His index stopped working :facepalm:
    > TypeError: issubclass() arg 1 must be a class
James: It's working!
Sara: Great! *clap*
James: Updated my index: https://capjamesg.github.io/index/

Session Schedule


13:05 break!



15:15 break


  • Wrap-up session.
  • Shall we move to indoors at Joe Crawford's apartment meeting space?

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