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A sticker is either a real life IndieWeb sticker, or a photo reply (often a cartoon graphic chosen from a set) you send in direct messaging or add as a comment on some silos like Swarm.

A sticker reply might be just a photo reply in a different branding. Stickers tend to be more cartoon-like, and typically are not rectangular and don't have borders. (They use transparency in the image.) Stickers are often limited in availability: they either need to be unlocked by some kind of achievements, or they come in packages that have to be purchased (some of them for free).

IndieWeb Examples

Silo Examples


Facebook Messenger has a downloadable sticker packs that you can then choose from and send in direct messages and in reply to posts. As of 2017-07-31, all packs are free, but the way it is advertised suggests that there are paid packs.

A sticker can be sent as a reply to a post:

Or used within Facebook Messenger:
2017-07-31-facebook-sticker-picker.jpg 2017-07-31-sticker-and-gif-in-facebook-messenger.jpg

One can buy new packs from the Sticker Store:


Swarm has the ability to choose from the stickers you have earned and post one in response to one of your friends checkins.

You can also apply a sticker to a particular check-in, when creating a post, like a property of your checkin rather than being a separate post itself. Such checkin stickers sometimes give you extra points (coins) or multiply the points that your checkin earns.

Stickers can be earned through playing the Swarm game. On top of the 100 collectible stickers, there are about 25 extra stickers. The interface notes that "some are only available for a limited time, so keep an eye out!"

Screenshots: stickers can be posted in reply to someone else's check-in, by clicking on the smiling face next to the input field.

2017-079-swarm-ipod6-ios10-checkin-stickers.png 2017-07-31-swarm-sticker-reply-with-input.jpg

There are several ways to earn stickers (which you can then "stick" onto subsequent check-ins - often you’re given the option to use a new sticker directly on the check-in that earned it!)

  • Checking into a certain category of venue some number of times may earn you a category-specific (sometimes points earning) sticker
  • Checking in on a holiday (or a day that Swarm deems particularly interesting, e.g. US election day) may earn a limited time sticker for that day (may only be available a particular year!)
  • Checking into a particular category of venue and using a particular sticker may earn you a different new sticker! (hint: unicorn)
  • Checking into a particular category of venue and mentioning a particular word or phrase in your check-in note may earn you a sticker related to that word or phrase (e.g. coffee shop and "ice")
  • ...

Once you have earned a sticker, there are at least three ways you may use it:

  • on subsequent check-ins
  • as a decoration on top of any photo upload
  • as a stand-alone comment on someone else's check-in
  • ...


Twitter allows adding stickers to photos you post through the app, since 2016-06-27 [1]

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