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A badge (AKA achievement) is a visual indicator of completing some sort of accomplishment, usually associated with completing specific tasks within a system that is frequently recognized as "achievement unlocked", or "you unlocked the xyz badge!". Badges typically have a visual icon as well as a short name and description. Badges are typically a gamification mechanism to encourage users to more actively use a system.

For IndieWeb badges you can use on your own site, see:

IndieWeb Examples

Mike Merrill awards badges to people based on his interactions with them in person.

Silo Examples


Foursquare awarded badges for checking in to various kinds of venues, or using certain words in a checkin. Some badges were limited to specific events or geographical areas. Foursquare was largely responsible for the rising popularity of badges in online systems, as evidenced by how many later systems referenced Foursquare's badge feature. There are many fan sites that popped up describing each badge and how to earn them.

See: Foursquare Badges for screenshots of ~150 badges.


Swarm has largely replaced Foursquare's previous use of badges with stickers, which are now earned by checking in to venue categories and can then be applied to later checkins to earn more coins.


Discourse awards badges to users to "reinforce positive user behavior". Some badges are automatically awarded by the system, and others are awarded by admins.

Some badges they award include:

  • Editor - first post edit
  • First Flag - flagged a post
  • Nice Share - shared a post with 25 unique visitors
  • Promoter - invited a user
  • Welcome - received a like
  • 1 year anniversary
  • Campaigner - invited 3 users
  • Tech Support - have 10 accepted answers


Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow awards badges to users based on your usage of the site, intending to award badges for being especially helpful.

Some badges they award include:

  • Altruist - First bounty you manually award on another person's question
  • Curious - Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive question record
  • Favorite Question - Question favorited by 25 users
  • Tumbleweed - Asked a question with zero score, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week awards "pins" by achieving certain milestones of using the site.

Some examples include:

  • First! - You wrote your first microblog post.
  • Daily Blogger - Unlock this pin by posting every day for 30 days.
  • Photoblog - You posted a photo to your microblog.
  • Night Owl - You wrote a post after midnight.

Other Examples


EFF provides a member badge like this:


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