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pronunciation is an online means using text or audio to indicate how to say a person's name.

“Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

IndieWeb Examples

A Challenge for 2018!

Add an audio file of your preferred pronunciation of your name to your homepage h-card and add yourself to the list below. If you do, Marty McGuire will give you a shout-out on This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition!

Martijn van der Ven

Martijn van der Ven has an h-card which includes a visual written IPA version of his name's pronunciation as well as a link to an audio file to hear it spoken.

Jason McIntosh

Jason McIntosh did exactly what Martijn van der Ven did, marking the sound-file link as a u-sound property of his h-card. This came out of a discussion in the #indieweb chat where all present agreed that a phonetic spelling wasn't globally useful (since phonetic spellings are still language-dependent), but few people can sight-read IPA. Jason thought that an IPA rendering that was conspicuously hyperlinked to a sound file made for a suitable compromise.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill added written IPA to for the most common pronunciation of his first and last name on 2018-06-30 . Also used Web Speech API Speech Synthesis to include audio of it and a few other ways to pronounce my first name.

Jacky Alcine

As of 2022-07-03, Jacky Alciné has an audio snippet of how his name is said on his about page.

  • I used u-sound p-ipa to describe this


capjamesg shows written IPA with a link to an audio clip where he narrates his forename on his home page.

Anthony Ciccarello

Anthony Ciccarello added a button for pronouncing his name to his homepage on 2024-02-20. It uses the SpeechSynthesis API to produce an English audio output. This was chosen over an audio clip to avoid using his own voice and to do something more neutral.

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Silo Examples


Facebook has a built-in pronunciation functionality to help users indicate how their name is pronounced. It can be found in the About tab >> Details About You >> section entitled "Name Pronunciation". Their UI suggests several common pronunciations based on one's name as well as the ability to craft one's own version. They then also provide a "play" button which gives a robot produced pronunciation of the name thus specified.


LinkedIn added the ability to upload a recording of your name to your profile.

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