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tag aggregation is a mechanism to collect posts from many different sites in one central shared taxonomy

Overloaded naming

The term "tag aggregation" is currently overloaded / ambiguously used.

This page uses aggregating tags as meaning across sites, imply multiple (remote) sources.

The tag page links here asserting via example that "tag aggregation" could just be across posts on one site.

We should use a different name for a tagged posts on one site.

Brainstorming / existing use:

  • tag feed - Aaron Parecki uses this term on his pages with tagged posts
    • "feed" implies you can subscribe to it and that the content is reverse time ordered and updates often
  • tag stream - Tantek Çelik :P brainstorm suggestion
  • tag collection - Tantek Çelik ;) brainstorm suggestion
  • tag exhaust - Shane Becker :P brainstorm suggestion
  • tag page - Kartik Prabhu brainstorm suggestion

Once we decide on a name for the "posts just on one site (or profile/person/author?)" we should link to that from the tag markup example that currently links to "tag aggregation"

IndieWeb Examples

  • The IndieNews project have tag aggregation going for it's multi-language mechanism by enabling sites to submit itself to one of the language sections by setting that section as a u-category and sending a Webmention for it.

Silo Examples

Examples from silos on their websites:


Flickr calls them "Recently tagged" and has separate sections in one tag aggregation page for your things with that tag vs all things on their site with that tag.


Medium aggregates tagged posts from all of their users into one shared taxonomy across all of Medium where it presents them in lists.


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