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An IndieWeb mascot could offer a visual representation of the community, and create fun & welcoming visual explanations; a mushroom (๐Ÿ„) has been proposed for the IndieWeb mascot.

Tracy Durnell drew up some initial mushroom mascot illustrations at IndieWeb Create Day 2021-10-09 (Open to suggestions and ideas of activities for a mushroom to do!), which had a positive reception by participants. There was also a suggestion to consider dropping a mushroom emoji ๐Ÿ„ into social media profiles to indicate IndieWeb presence, solidarity, support.

Previously, at the 2021-04-21 Homebrew Website Club - Americas, there was some discussion of the value of a mascot for the Indie Web. Documenting and continuing to add thoughts here. Please vote for your preference, and/or add thoughts and comments! -- Tracy Durnell 2021-05-05

Brand Notes

  • the IndieWeb represents multiple different elements at once: the community using the Indie Web, the tools that provide the infrastructure for the Indie Web, and the philosophy of the Indie Web
  • visually, an Indie Web Camp logo already exists, featuring warm colors and geometric elements

Mascot Ideas

At the 2021-04-21 Homebrew Website Club - Americas, mushrooms and bees rose to the top as preferred mascot options.



  • mushrooms and mycelium are apt for the connective nature of the Indie Web - mycelium form vast networks under the forest floor, and although only the mushrooms are visible, the fungus organism spreads much farther and is vital ecologically


  • mushrooms have a great diversity in appearance, which complements the plurality principle and is anti-monoculture
  • mushrooms are fruiting bodies, e.g. the fruits of our labors


  • mushrooms can be cute!
  • mushrooms come in many shapes for visual variety
  • mushrooms come in many colors, including red, orange, and yellow, to complement the existing Indie Web Camp logo
  • ๐Ÿ„ has an emoji


  • avoid drug and phallic associations in design


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Mushroom emoji meanings

From a handful of references:

A few meanings that seem positive or relatively harmless, in order of frequency/prominence in references:

  • exciting, regain energy, e.g. power up mushroom in the Super Mario Bros (regain power over your online identity & data)
  • psychedelic, something for the imagination, feel like a bit out of your mind (perhaps an encouragement to imagine & see things differently than the world of silos)
  • nature, together with ๐ŸŒฒ Evergreen Tree or ๐Ÿ€ clover emoji to illustrate the forest (towards a sustainable web community)
  • autumn/fall season, used with ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ fall leaves
  • dark, damp places

Unfortunate possible meanings:

  • something poisonous




  • honeybees work together to build something bigger - lots of individuals pitching in
  • connects with the metaphor of a digital garden
    • bees are essential to a thriving ecosystem
  • honeycomb could visually represent building blocks
  • honey lasts forever and is also delicious ;)


  • bees can be cute!
  • honeybees are yellow and black, and can be visually represented with stylized shapes, to complement the style of the existing Indie Web Camp logo
  • could also use hexagon shape of honeycomb to continue geometric theme
  • Also has an emoji ๐Ÿ


  • bee mascots and logos may be relatively common (e.g. Swarm)
  • it should be a friendly bee, not a threatening wasp


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cats - Very Internet and also cute


  • Cats are curious, an attribute present in the community
  • Cats like to explore, just as many of our community members love to explore the net to find new websites
  • Cats are whimsical (expressing the "have fun!" principle)


Other Mascot Ideas

  • Loqi - dinosaur - Loqi is not unique to the Indie Web however
  • hermit crabs and turtles - carry their home around on their backs
  • A leaf?
  • Add your idea here...

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