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AT Protocol or Authenticated Transfer Protocol, previously known as Authenticated Data Experiment (ADX), is a federated social network protocol, designed and first implemented by the Bluesky project, subsequently supported by IndieWeb-friendly service and libraries.

IndieWeb Examples

Currently the only IndieWeb Examples are hardcoded to post directly to Bluesky rather than arbitrary AT Protocol supporting services.

Service Support

In progress support


  • pyatproto: A Python package with abstract methods for interacting with the AT Protocol API, specifically for the Bluesky social network.
    • Caveat: There are some hard-coded Bluesky method names in this library, so the current version will not work with other AT Protocol implementations. The plan is to change this as new servers become available.


"ADX" iteration of the protocol renamed to “Authenticated Transfer Protocol” — or the “AT Protocol.”

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