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Jump to: navigation, search is a French instance of Mastodon intended to encourage its users to have fun, learn about the indieweb, and consider getting their own domain to get started on the indieweb. is in this way an IndieWebFarm that encourages its children to live on the indieweb similar to the MotherWiki mission.

The domain "" has been bought at Gandi by The hosting is based in Portugal at (contact Hugo) for a small plan (100 users max).

I built to have fun w/ my children (I hope, instagram generation...), help the indieweb mission, learn to admin an hosted instance and test mastodon's admin UI.

Just a very low cost, to see if it “works.” If it works, (that is, if people like mastodon, find that it’s useful, are productive with it,) then the people can think more seriously about operating their own domain, and get started on the indieweb.

I will support and will be focused around my children and their friends. I'll try on small business and artist to drive some workshops.

Not sure I will succeed. Thinking around one to one approach via dinner.


I Feel responsible of maintaining a high level of moderation. Focused to invite people in order to delegate moderation and admin during nights in France.

Currently 7 users. Some could be minor. I feel I have to flooded. And must be quiet now to let the social system go.

The administration is shared with an indieweb member and Olivier Auber.

Mission statement

in French

inviter les prolos 2.0, les former et les jeter dehors sur leur propre domaine

(to be discussed and tested)

Confusion w/

  • Warning added : on home page. You can monitor the editorial via a test account dedicated (@FormationXtof linked via
  • Taked today w/ Patrick Rhone around GTD.No planning, no roadmap.

Description will be refactored. In my GT priority


Hugo and I are interested to implement

  • webmentions. To be discussed in the future. I've not the technical skills to help around webmentions. This is a point to explore w/ Nicolas Hoizey (perhaps in Nov.)
  • indielogin to be tested
  • social pages : designing a system of now page for the instance....

experimental : testing show your inspiration. A workflow : instagram > refactoring my notes in MarsEdit to be cleaned

  • A Daily GTD-now page (photo post + note) to share my social design.
  • Hoping help from Patrick Rhone via

I'll try to sell the idea of a `` hosted instance to the future governance.


This is my personal domain... I'm not a GodKing. I've failed a lot of times in wikicommunities (mydatalabs, fractalwiki + other experiences to be found on meatball) and does not want to analyze here.

On a personal point of view, I'd be interested to make some R&D around sailing and bipolar disorder.

Currently searching admin to delegate and share any idea with the indieweb community.

... I'm confident to speak with Alex Schroeder and the iwc


my personal wiki ( is reserved for personal and family use. I don't plan to use it for all users. Thinking of small wikis easy to implement.

`` for admin and moderations to be studied.

Suggested to open any technical discussion which are out of topic during the seeding phase (welcoming users, be kind...)

Discussion et contact

Sorry for my english. My native language is fr. Really ready to share access for DNS (Gandi) + Mastodon Admin

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