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100DaysOfIndieWeb is a challenge to ship something IndieWeb-related every day for 100 days. The challenge can be started at any time, and all you have to do is commit to starting, and then make a post every day with the #100DaysOfIndieWeb tag on your personal website when you finish something for that day. Each project can be as small as you want, but must be something you can demonstrate in a screenshot or video. Inspired by the 100DayProject:

How do you start?
Decide to do a 100 day project. Pick a start date -- and an ending date 100 days later. Then do one thing a day for 100 days (mornings are especially good).

Do something quick, creative, and do it without fear. Don't think too much, or better yet, don't think at all! See where it leads.

The only requirements for each indieweb "thing" is:

  • It must be something you use yourself
  • It must be something with a publicly visible result (e.g. has a visible effect on the presentation of your web page, or is an improvement to an open source tool)

How to

How to do 100 days of indieweb:

  • every day (before 10-11am ( Aaron Parecki's approach))
  • make something indieweb-related that you will use immediately (selfdogfood)
    • It's okay if it'a a super tiny change!
  • When you finish, post a screenshot or video demonstrating the change to your website, and tag it with "100DaysOfIndieWeb" and "indieweb".
    • Optional: start post (name or content) with "Day N: " where N is 1 to 100, representing the day and post number for your "100 days of " series.

If you have a page that aggregates all your posts with a tag, then you already have a URL you can use to share your results. Otherwise, find some other way to collect all your posts into a page on your website or your wiki user page.


Below are people who started participating in a 100 Days indieweb-related project (brainstorming and other durations ok!) in 2018.

Pick something from the lists of possible projects below, start, and add yourself!

If you have a page that links to all of your challenge posts, link to that! Or you can add links to your individual posts here as well.

100 Days of IndieWeb

In progress:

100 Days of Positive Doing Posting Days


For 2018, Tantek ร‡elik decided to do 100 Positive Doing then Posting Days:

  1. Every day: *do* something positive in-person (not just online)
  2. Post about it on your own site (take a physical note and post it later)
  3. Ideally post about it before posting anything critical (or negative) that same day

More details: http://tantek.com/2018/002/t1/hello

8 days completed:

add your 100 days project here

  • ...

Previously Completed

Previously completed 100 days and other durations projects. Feel free to try one of these or ask the people that did them what they thought of the experience!

100 Days of IndieWeb

100 Days of Music


100 Days of Open Source

100 days of open source โ€” commit some new functionality or a bug fix to an open source project each day (preferably an indieweb open source project!)

100 Days of Positive Posts

#100DoPP โ€” post something positive, whether something positive you did, a positive / constructive idea or suggestion, or even sharing / recommending something positive someone else is doing or suggesting. Preferably *before* posting anything negative that same day.

100 Words in 100 Days

A Month of Posting

AKA National Blog Posting Month.

10 Days of Reading Chapters

#100chapters - Read at least one chapter of a book each day, and post a read post accordingly on your own site.

About a week


More 100 days projects

Additional 100 days projects to consider:

Reinforce the good

  • 100 days of blogging โ€” actual article posts, not just notes, on specific atomic subjects)
    • obviously can build on any other 100 days project because you can blog about that day's project
  • 100 days of positive news โ€” find and post a link (citation) to a positive news article published that same day, to help counteract the counterproductive impacts of negative news
  • 100 days of photos โ€” take and post a photo every day
    • 100 days of positive photos โ€” post a positive photo as your first post in a day, for 100 days. Ok to also post negative / critical photos, just make sure the first photo you post on a day is positive.
  • 100 days of Wikipedia contributions โ€” contribute at least one meaningful sentence or paragraph (or a whole article) to Wikipedia each day. Keep track of your additions, and see how many have "stuck" after 100 days.
  • 100 days of yoga poses โ€” do a different yoga pose each day, and post a photo of it (variant of 100 days of photos)
  • 100 days of origami โ€” make a different origami each day, and post a photo of it
  • 100 days of listening โ€” listening to audiobooks or podcasts? Could be something like listen to a podcast a day or 30 minutes of an audiobook a day. Then post a listen post.
  • 100 days of 10 origami cranes โ€” make 10 origami peace cranes each day, and post a photo of the full set in progress, finishing 1000 origami cranes in total
  • 100 days of docs โ€” each day, improve (or create!) documentation for something (could be open-source projects you use or have made, could be things you do or have figured out that aren't well-described somewhere else)
  • ...

If you consider yourself more an idea person than a builder:

  • 100 days of coming up with 100 days projects โ€” post (or add, e.g. here in Brainstorming) a new specific 100 days project that seems at least reasonably feasible, perhaps something you might even do (on its own).

If you have LOTS of time on your hands:

  • 100 days of starting 100 days projects โ€” start a new 100 days project each day for 100 days. Yes that means on day 100 of this project you will be doing 100 *different* individual projects if you're able to keep up, then it will decrease by 1 each day until you're finished with the 100th day of the 100th project on day 199.

Let go of things and services

  • 100 days of discardia โ€” donate, sell or otherwise get rid of some physical object in your life at least one per day. Keep a one in one out rule for any acquisitions which then don't count towards this goal so you keep reducing # of total objects each day.
  • 100 days of closing tabs โ€” for those of us with >100 tabs open across our browsers, process/close (at least) one tab per day, and write about why you think you had it open, what action you took accordingly. Similarly, close any tabs you open during the project, and don't count those towards the goal.
  • 100 days of deleting accounts โ€” delete one silo account a day (not counting any you sign-up for), post about it, and add it to silo-quits.
    • Tantek ร‡elik seriously considering for 2018, though harder than deleting apps (would want to document data-retention policies, how to delete all silo data, screenshots etc.)
  • 100 days of deleting native apps โ€” delete one native app a day from your (mobile) device, optionally replacing its usage with a web app, post about what you're deleting and what you're replacing it with, and add it to app-quits.
  • 100 days of unsubscribing from mailing lists โ€” unsubscribe to one email-list every day and post about leaving it, why did you join the in the first place, why it no longer serves you or is no longer a priority. If you reach zero before 100 days are up you're done! Or if you reach zero optional ones, e.g., you're still subscribed to "required" lists for work.
  • ...

Previous Projects Started

  • 100 Days of 500 Words - write a post that is exactly 500 words (human language of choice) every day for 100 days.

Possible Start Dates

  • Now
  • ...

Other Durations

These may be deserving of a separate article themselves, or perhaps a more general "n days goal" page which links to and summarizes this page and the other (perhaps seasonal) durations.

30 Days

If 100 days seems to intimidating, perhaps start with a smaller number like 30 days as a goal. E.g.

10 Days

  • 10 Days of Twitter or #10DoT is an online course which, in 10 minutes a day over 10 days, gets participants tweeting and building up your professional network. It was built for educators and researchers to build work related networks on Twitter. (This could potentially be used as a model for gradually helping people set up their own online IndieWeb presences over the span of a few days' work.)

December and or 24 Days

24 days (first of December) is another pre-existing (if seasonal) duration of "do something every day". E.g.

2017 IndieWeb Challenge - unofficial (was "advent calendar"), and mostly happened!

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