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Poetry is a writing form that can be found on many personal websites. In addition to traditional written form, one can add additional formatting or multimedia elements (photos, audio, video, CSS, etc.) to supplement their meaning.

IndieWeb could be a great place for poets to publish in a way that they are in control.— Jacky Alciné at IndieWebSummit 2018

How to

Most poets put their poetry on their sites in basic text with some HTML and CSS. There are currently no custom post types or markup for posting poetry, so some may designate it as an article or a simple note. Examples and brainstorming are welcome below.

IndieWeb Examples

Greg McVerry

100 Poems in 100 Days

30 Days of Webmention poetry

  • 30 Days of collaborative webmention poetry. Greg McVerry and Dogtrax wrote a collaborative poem using webmention. Each day one of the pairs, usually both, would add to the poem by writing a new poem. untitled poem.

The Daily Connector

Maxwell Joslyn

  • Maxwell Joslyn has a poems index which he plans to convert into a collection by giving each poem its own permalink
  • poems are ordered non-chronologically; if he turns his poetry page into a feed, he would like that order to be respected in indie readers
  • Following discussion at 2020/Online/collections he converted his poems page into a collection. Upgrades to his site's build script, JS, HTML, and CSS were involved. Explanatory blog post here.


Main article: discovery

Like most writing online, most authors want their work to be read. Toward improving the idea of discovery, the following are some IndieWeb ways for having one's poetry found:



Poetry Friday

  • Poetry Friday: At the end of the week many children’s book aficionados and bloggers use their sites to contribute favorite poems or chat about something poetical in an event called Poetry Friday. The features can be for children or adults, can be original poems, reviews of poetry books, reviews of poetic picture books, links to poems at copyright protected sites, thoughts about poetry, and more. Song lyrics have been even been featured.

Camp Sessions

  • ...

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