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A scrobble (AKA a listen) is a passive type of post used to publish a song (music or audio track, including concert recordings or DJ sets) or podcast that you have listened to.

scrobbling is the act of passively publishing scrobbles.


The term "scrobble" comes from's software, Audioscrobbler.

IndieWeb Examples

Michael Owens

Michael Owens has imported all 76,000 of his past listens to his site. He can post them manually to his site as well as PESOS them from Example:


  • Musicbrainz ID. Each of the data elements has a p-* with the Musicbrainz ID of the various Tracks and Albums where it's available.
  • Album images.
    It annoyed me that served images without HTTPS, so I cached the imagery for every track. I need to run a checksum comparison of images to remove duplicate files at some point.


acegiak PESOS imports her listens to her wordpress blog using the plugin WP_LastFmScrape. they are published as listens under the Post_Kinds_Plugin taxonomy.

tommorris publishes links to DJ sets (mostly from Mixcloud) and some songs (mostly from Spotify) manually (and actively rather than passively) and tags them currently playing. May start PESOS-ing from Mixcloud or using a bookmarklet.

davidpeach has written an article on how he uses a bookmarklet to share albums listened to on Google Play all access to his own site. Semi-automated PESOS from google play music.

He also displays all of his tracked listens on his website at

Eddie Hinkle

Eddie Hinkle has been tracking listen posts of podcasts that he listens to since 2017-04-01. They are marked up as an h-entry with an experimental u-listen-of property as an h-cite and a p-summary plain-text description and an experimental p-status with the value of "finished" signifying that I have listened to it. I also occasionally post them with p-status=planned to signify that I want to listen to it. The u-listen-of/h-cite property contains a p-name (The name of the podcast post), u-photo (the cover art of the podcast), u-audio (the embeddable audio file of the podcast) and u-url.

Open Source and GNU FM

There exists which uses GNU FM. Once could conceivably run this on their own site.

WordPress Audioscrobbler server

The WordPress Audioscrobbler plugin can receive and store v1.2 scrobble requests as custom post type.


IndieWeb Scrobbling

Creating an IndieWeb implementation of a scrobbling server or pass-through relay would free data about one's music listening activity and history from the silo. One would scrobble tracks to their own personal server before syndicating the activity to other social sites like All of the scrobbling activity would be archived in a database on one's personal web server. A simple implementation need only implement the basic functionality present in the API such that existing client software could be used with minimal modification.

Ideas for advanced features

Scrobbling activity could be syndicated in other formats (i.e. Activity Streams), or published in another form altogether such as a tweet or status update.

Scrobbling activity could be filtered prior to syndication. For example, before publishing a track, the software could first check the artist and/or track name is not present in a list of "guilty pleasures."

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